Authoring experience: Known problems

Last updated on
21 September 2016

In general people expect a much richer user experience around content creation than Drupal offers, much of the functionality that people consider standard for a CMS is simply missing.

  • Previewing is a big part of creating content, and people are currently very confused by preview being shown in the back-end instead of front-end.
  • The meta tools we present users; menu, revisioning, authoring information are cumbersome and often result to conflicting mental models.
  • Text formats are still somewhat of a mystery to most of our users, they miss a WYSIWYG editor.
  • The lack of a common workflows like save as draft is a disappointment.
  • Tools for moderating content are almost non existent, our filters are hard to use and search is non existent.

Major issues

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Normal issues

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Unfiled issues

  • Add third way of grouping fields (title)
  • Using hierarchical select for term selection
  • Drag & drop files in upload field
  • Add menu link to content preview
  • Preview per device/view mode separately.
  • Revamp revision diff in core.