Status message

This organization is a Drupal services provider.

Trellon is a strategy and development firm specializing in the work of non-profits, NGOs, academic institutions, government agencies and socially responsible businesses. We work with Drupal to build dynamic websites, mobile applications, CRM systems, and integrate with social networks to help organizations carry out missions that matter.

Talk to us about your upcoming Drupal projects. Contact us at our general mailing address, drop by our website, or give us a ring at (877) 661-1862.

Trellon does more than just build websites. We work together with our clients as partners by understanding the goals they seek to accomplish, identifying the best ways to achieve them, implementing solutions that solve the problem and ensuring they are set up to be successful with it once everything is delivered. This kind of relationship lets us take an active role in your success by exploring ideas together and seeing your goals through to completion.

We also actively participate in the communities we care about. Our developers contribute to the Drupal and CiviCRM projects through contributions, patches, documentation, sponsorships and the like. Over 10% of company time going into contributions annually.

Drupal contributions

* Ongoing contributions to Drupal core, from version 4.7 through 7.

* A large list of modules going back for years. Mobile app generator and CRM Core are the ones we are working on right now. Some of the big ones we have contributed to include ctools, coder tough love, open layers, services, case tracker, embed, menu token, webform bonus pack, and flexinode.

Others include activism, petition, teleport, sphere, module dependency browser, log search, affiliate, petition, dashboard, interface, affiliate, ssl users, views roundabout, path breadcrumb, openacadept, spam, clipper, game, bot, devel, wysiwyg ckeditor nice, spaces field access, custom 403, scribd, scribd field, apachesolr_multisitesearch, transport, Vote Up/Down.

* Ongoing documentation efforts.

* Participation in various IRC channels.

* Trellon frequently sponsors Drupal events. We have been a platinum / gold sponsor of every Drupalcon since Segzed and sponsor a minimum of 6 Drupalcamps each year.

Projects supported

Relation UUID, CRM Core Membership, Relation services, AbleOrganizer, CRM Core Devel, Salsa Integration, Menu token, KML Parser, Event Webform