CRM Core

CRM Core is a set of modules for managing contacts, activities and relationships within your Drupal website. It is designed to provide a basic framework for managing these items and interacting with other components of Drupal.


CRM Core allows you to manage contacts, activities and relationships in your Drupal website. It provides extensive support for these entities, and includes a number of tools to make them easier to support in your Drupal website.

  • User Sync allows contacts to be paired with user accounts.
  • Match provides support for deduplication.
  • Reports provides a central repository for reports.
  • CRM Core Settings allows administrators to control the UI for managing contacts.

In addition to these basic features, CRM Core integrates with a number of other components within Drupal, including views, VBO, ctools, rules, solr, services, field api and search api.

Why use CRM Core?

An extensive discussion of why you would want to use CRM Core can be found in the handbook. This page details the design philosophy behind CRM Core and other things to consider when trying to make the case for why you would want (or not want) to use it.

Extending CRM Core

There are a number of features available that extend the basic functionality of CRM Core.

  • CRM Core Profile: Form builder for CRM Core. Allows you to create forms that manipulate contacts, activities and more. Integrates directly with Drupal Commerce for processing payments and used by other CRM Core features.
  • CRM Core Donation: Adds donation management to CRM Core. Provides tools for managing online and offline donations, along with reports.
  • CRM Core Event: Adds event management to CRM Core. Provides tools for managing online and offline registration, tracking attendance, and reports.
  • CRM Core Petition: Adds petition to CRM Core. Provides tools for managing online and offline signatures, sending targeted messages, and reports.
  • CRM Core Volunteer: Adds volunteer management to CRM Core. Provides tools for managing volunteer opportunities, tracking attendance, and reports.
  • Apachesolr CRM Core: Indexes entity types from CRM Core into Apache Solr via the Apache Solr Search module. CRM Core already integrates with Search API and Search API Solr - this module is only necessary if you want to use the Apache Solr Search module instead.

A complete list of features for CRM Core is maintained in the handbook. This list is updated frequently.


The CRM Core Handbook provides detailed documentation on a host of topics including installation, administration, development common use cases.

Projects and Examples

There are a number of projects and resources using CRM Core available for download.

  • AbleOrganizer is a community engagement platform built using CRM Core.
  • CRM Core Donation Demo: an install profile for CRM Core Donation, which provides a fully-configured CRM Core site with donation management features.
  • Cal State Monterey Bay is using CRM Core as part of their student management system. A publicly available distribution is available from their githhub page.
  • CRM Core demonstration video is available in this blog post.


This module is built and supported by the friendly folks at Trellon.

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