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A KML parser for the Feeds module.

KML, or Keyhole Markup Language, is an XML dialect for capturing geographic features and their metadata. It is an Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) standard, and is very popular format for exchanging location data on the web.

This module provides parsing capability to Feeds so that it's possible to aggregate the contents of KML files into Drupal. It supports the extraction of the Name, Description, Longitude and Latitude fields and their mapping to Openlayers or text format fields.

The 6.x-1.x branch is unmaintained, but provides KML Parser capabilities for the Feed API module.

Note: This module is a somewhat limited in functionality, it doesn't yet expose some data, like style information or complex geometries, which can be stored in KML (It only supports <Point>s) . Patches are accepted!

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