The following is a list of organizations that indicate they provide Drupal training services.

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We offer bespoke Drupal training in London for individuals and teams.
We also run training sessions for the Drupal Global Training Days initiative.



We provide a half year long Drupal 8 training for junior PHP developers.

Team work, collaboration: git basics, git flow
Build & test: how to test projects, what makes a test good, Gulp, Grunt, Phing, Robo, PHPUnit, behat tests
PHP tools: Composer, twig, Symfony API
Drupal 8: drush, drupal console, Drupal 8 API (plugins, themes), how to contribute back,...

DAVYIN Internet Solutions / 戴文信息科技有限公司

DAVYIN Drupal Trainings / 戴文Drupal培训

We provide enterprise Drupal training services and community training(free). Know more about enterprise training, please contact; for community training please follow the publish on https://groups....

The Digital Experience Company


The Dropsolid Training Academy is the leading Drupal training institution in Belgium. We offer an extensive training catalogue, ranging from Drupal development on all levels through job-specific training for project managers, webmasters and end clients.
Next to our wide range of standardised Drupal training sessions, we also cater to individual company needs with bespoke...

Pantheon logo


Learn how to create your first website on Drupal 8 in this seven-part, on-demand training series. Get step-by-step guidance and a free sandbox site from Pantheon.

Ratio Web - Logo

Ratio Web

We can make it easier for your developers to start working with the CMS Drupal and prepare profiled trainings for your team.

Trainings topics:

  • Drupal 8/9 - Basics
  • Drupal Developer Tools
  • Writing a modules, themes in Drupal 8/9
  • Headless Drupal
  • Deployment process
  • Performance optimization...