The following is a list of organizations that indicate they provide Drupal training services.

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Catalyst IT: Open Source Technologists

Catalyst IT

Catalyst provides Drupal training, throughout projects and on an ongoing basis with clients, to support using Drupal and the features it provides. This is most often done on a custom basis, based on current needs and recent development.

A number of developers specialise in this training, customising a programme to suit your needs, and running small classes to focus on...


CrossFunctional’s Drupal Training initiative is offered to get people using and developing with Drupal better, helping them work better, quicker, more creatively, in a way that fits best practices, and that grows the community. We provide a variety of courses that covers different aspects of Drupal, that offers everyone from content editors to back-end developers the knowledge and...


PreviousNext is Australia’s only Acquia Enterprise Select and Authorised Training Partner, providing a standardised Drupal curriculum and customised courses for on-site and public training in Australia and New Zealand. Our trainers include some of Australia’s leading Drupal developers, who have all been individually authorised by Acquia to ensure they provide training at a world-...