The following is a list of organizations that indicate they provide Drupal training services.

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DAVYIN Internet Solutions / 戴文信息科技有限公司

DAVYIN Drupal Trainings / 戴文Drupal培训

We provide enterprise Drupal training services and community training(free). Know more about enterprise training, please contact; for community training please follow the publish on https://groups....

Drupal Jedi Let the force be with you


DrupalJedi is an organizer of Drupal School in Novosibirsk, Russia.
We have already organized 9 schools for students with different knowledge level.
Some graduates of our school become great developers in DrupalJedi team.

INsReady Logo

INsReady Inc. (引锐信息科技有限公司)

INsReady provides private training on a wide range of Drupal topics including site building, theming, development, project management, and content architecture. Most trainings are provided in Chinese in China.