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Problem importing my DB

Hello all,
I have exported my DB in order to import it to the cloud.
The export was ok and I downloaded the *.sql file.
But whem trying to import it to the server I got the following error:

There was an error importing the database. The status of the import is unknown.

Incorrect syntax near '='.
Incorrect syntax near '`'.
Incorrect syntax near '`'.
Incorrect syntax near '`'.
Incorrect syntax near '`'.
Incorrect syntax near '`'.
Incorrect syntax near '`'.
Incorrect syntax near '`'.

How to generate doctrine entity from my data base

I m a biginner for drupal and i want to generate doctrine entity from my data base.
can anybody help me or tell me a documentation that i can use.

Postgres db_lock_table behavior


I'm read the Drupal API.
The function db_lock_table have this description:

"Lock a table. This function automatically starts a transaction"

And the MySQL code is:

"db_query('BEGIN; LOCK TABLE {'. db_escape_table($table) .'} IN EXCLUSIVE MODE'); "

What happend if I use this function with Postgres?
It's starts a transaction?
And the db_unlock_tables commits a transaction?
How I can rollback a transaction?

Thank's for your answer.

Database for each user

Hello Friends,

I need to implement website for corporate. So whenever new corporate admin registered that time need to create new database for them. So how i can handle this with one drupal installation. Can anybody please help me

Thanks in Advance.

PDOException: SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table

Am getting well with drupal but not good with databases. I mysql, I got this error after installing the following modules ejectorseat, session limit, node expire, autoespire, bean booking time slot

Please assist me. Please I need your help.


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