For problems and solutions related to database compatibility.

Announcement: This forum has been deprecated

This forum is no longer in use.

For alternatives, please see the Database related issues for Drupal.

There is also group dedicated to discussions around Drupal and PostgreSQL at

Transfered site from shared to dedicated server - databases doesn't connect

i transferred site from a shared server to a dedicated server and the databases doesn't connect.

Multilingual Issues

My website have two languages are french, Japanese and default English.

Have 100 of pages but all pages(English, French & Japanese). But all page view source showing below tags

link href="" hreflang="ja"

How to remove this?

Connecting Drupal 7 with phpbb 3.14

Morning guys (at least for me)
Im trying to set up a new website for my multigaming community. Drupal and phpBB 3.14 are already installed and my major goal was to connect their databases, so that my useres only have to register once. I used this module phpBB Single Sign-On and installed it, but i didn't found any installation guides or readme and it . If anyone of you knows a simple way to connect the accounts.. I dont need the integration, just an account connection, then please let me know.


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