Need help migrating your site to Drupal?

Need to Migrate From Wordpress To Drupal

Hello Drupal users,

I've create a blog for my sister which currently working at Toyota Indonesia, but We need to migrate from WP to Drupal. Before I migrate, I have question on which version of drupal that suitable with the WP 4.2.3 version?

Thank you

Custom CMS to Drupal 8


For a while now I am planning to convert news portal from custom made CMS to Drupal 8. "Live" editing option was persuasive enough.

The site has a following structure:

content migrate

Hello everyone, I effettuaton migrate from one site to one in D6 in D7. Obviously the migration is done by making a copy of the site locally and working on that.
Now I find myself with the site locally, in D7, with different content than that in D6 which remained in production, esmpio forum posts increased.
I wonder, is there a way to synchronize the contents of two sites and migrate content from that in D6 that in D7?
Thank you all.

Keep old passwords - Migrate to drupal 7 from custom Java CMS

I am migrating a site from a custom java platform to drupal 7 and I want the users to be able to login to the new platform using the same credentials. The java platform encrypts the password using java with SHA256. Is it possible to override the default drupal encryption function with a custom function?


Magento site to Drupal


I am new here on the Forum looking some information about easy ways to migrate Magento to Drupal.
We have some issues with Magento and getting a bit fed up, so looking for alternatives.
Heard a lot good things about drupal, so we are thinking to have a tryout.

Node creation failed.


I installed Open Atrium and I tried to create a node with the node_save function.


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