Need help migrating your site to Drupal?

Moving from WordPress

is this feasible and if so what are the pitfalls?

Migrate Taxonomy Terms and Nodes With Terms hierarchy

I have created a custom module using the migration module.
I have created a separate table where i store all the data for the migration.
The terms are in a field in this format using a comma separator:
Term,Sub Term, Sub Sub Term, ETC
Usually there is a 4-5 Term hierarchy.

I need to import them into a vocabulary using that format and after that assign them to the imported nodes.
I have tried to option to only select the last subterm, it imported it ok, the only problem is when you have 2 terms with the same name but distinct parent.

Running drup parallell to existing site

I am currently using this script on my website:

I want to run drupal in paralell and if possible integrate the logind of the both.

Do you thing it is possible.

Please advise on best approach.

I am new to drupal. Kindly excuse me for my lack of knowledge.


Hi! Do anyone have good links to share when converting from at prestashop to a drupal build webshop?

best regards

Converting simple website

jQuery tabs, ajax, 4 user classes, simple CSS styling

Newbie: import_html

I'm trying to import a site into drupal. I've installed the import_html module and have xslt enabled in php.

I'm trying to follow the tutorial but I get confused at the first instruction:
Visit the admin/build/import_html/settings page and check the settings.

I believe I have done this by visiting admin/config/content/formats and then clicking configure on the Full HTML line.


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