Need help migrating your site to Drupal?

Website like wix with Drupal

Hello i am planing to develop a service like wix with drupal. that user can build website with drug and drop blocks. and this website have upgrade option.
my question is that is drupal license allow me to develop and run this kind of service ?

Migrate content from Joomla 2.5.4 to Drupal 8

Hello everyone.

By obligation of the client, wants to make a new Web in Drupal8.

Currently they have Joomla, version 2.5.4

Is it possible to migrate directly from Joomla 2.5.4 to Drupal 8?

I think not, therefore, I have mounted a Drupal 7 and I used the module "Joomla to Drupal" to migrate the contents, but failed, because it did not go for Joomla 2.5

I used the patch discussed here:

Drupal won't read both my javscript elements.


When I insert my javscript from Dreamweaver (Adobe html program) it only reads the javascript that comes first. My javascript is in a

and it works fine in dreamweaver. Any other way to add javascript than inserting it in a "New custom content" ?

How to migrate a value into a field attached to a taxonomy_term (from CSV using YML)

I'm trying to migrate a CSV file of taxonomies (cities) into Drupal 8. The CSV has a code and the city name, for example:

    1234,"CITY A"
    5678,"CITY B"

I have the following as my current migration, which is working, and importing the city names. My problem is I also added a field with the machine name `field_legacy_id` to my term (Drupal 8), which I would like to populate with the OLD `City_Code` for reference later.

From wordpress to drupal?


I want convert the following site to Drupal. The old site was realized with wordpress and a theme of a us american firm. How I can realize that? Thanks.

drupal 7 blog missing

I have drupal 7 blog site. But I want to migrate to drupal 8, it shows source blog destination missing.
What can I do
I continued, but then it shows only title but not body.
Interesting thing is that, in phpmyadmin, I can see body content, plz help


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