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source migration to custom field set on user account


I wrote a simple user migration of user data (email, status, Name) which is working. I also have a custom field (field_ipaddress) added to the account but I am having difficulty migrating to it. 

I tried adding the code to the main migration which makes use of an entity: user destination and a separate migration after the main migration which is using the destination of entity:field_config.

Taxonomy term hierarchy not migrated during Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 migration

The machine name of my taxonomy term migration is upgrade_d7_taxonomy_term_media_folders

When I try to migrate the terms using migrate UI from admin/structure/migrate/manage/migrate_drupal_7/migrations/upgrade_d7_taxonomy_term_media_folders/execute what I can see is, the terms are migrated but the hierarchy of terms is not migrated. Does migrate module has any issues with migrating term hierarchy?

Wordpress Migrate module: how import Custom Fields from Wordpress???

Hi, I'm using Wordpress Migrate module to transfer a site from Wordpress 4.9.x to Drupal 7.

The module works like a charm with post, pages, categories and tags using xml file.

My problem is that I've set some Custom Fields in Wordpress (ACF Plugin), and they are not transferred. 

I read some discussions and it seems that I got to add some lines to the '' of Wordpress Migrate module.

Example:  if I have a "authorName" custom field in WP and a "field_author_name" in my Drupal content_type I must add:

Convert content type to Taxonomy

Hi, is there a method to convert a Drupal 7 content type to taxonomy and maintain the relation between the nodes and the content type so that I get the same relation between the nodes and the taxonomy vocabulary ?


Wordpress+woocommerce to Drupal- How?

Hello, My Site( is on Wordpress and i used Woocommerce. My developer Propose that i move my site to Drupal.

So my question is , is there a Know migration Path for my woocommerce shop? That the best way to go about this? Has anyone done this before and what was you experiance? Would you do it again? Why or Why not?

Got any pitfalls i should watch for?


members area and warehouse

i was wondering if drupal could handle a log in area for members with restricted access to be granted etc. my ideal set up woukd be a front end to ve designed on webflow and the complicated areas of the website for staff members to be handled by drupal. is this even possible?


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