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Converting simple website

jQuery tabs, ajax, 4 user classes, simple CSS styling

Newbie: import_html

I'm trying to import a site into drupal. I've installed the import_html module and have xslt enabled in php.

I'm trying to follow the tutorial but I get confused at the first instruction:
Visit the admin/build/import_html/settings page and check the settings.

I believe I have done this by visiting admin/config/content/formats and then clicking configure on the Full HTML line.


Anyone know if there's any instructions for using this module? I have it enabled but I don't see many options...

There's a "Typo3 migration - Database settings" option, which I have set to my Typo3 db, but nothing has changed...

I also see a "Create Typo3 Pages" option under content but this doesn't seem to be any different from creating a normal page...

How can I import my Typo3 content over?


Beginner with Drupal

Hi guys,
I'm a beginner on Drupal, can someone tell me the difference with wordpress (that I'm currently using)? And what's the good and bad points ?

Problems Restoring a backup to a new site...

I'm trying to get a functional backup of our commerce Drupal site online in a VirtualBox (running ubuntu server).

So far, nothing much is working (apart from the rudimentary stuff). I've successfully moved over the database (or so I believe, but read on), but I've managed to get as far as a white screen of nothing much going on.

Navigating to /update.php in a browser reveals:

Static site to DRUPAL


Do you think that make sense to migrate to drupal for a site that have 10 pages ? I want to switch because I want to had stuff on my site from any computer.

thanks in advance!!


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