Need help migrating your site to Drupal?

In D8 How to ignore other duplicate value and merge multi-term value field while importing using csv file?

In d8 I am importing the csv file data to the content type and I have csv file some thing like this.

1,testing title,term_1,1
1,testing title,term_2,1
1,testing title,term_3,1

and my yml file is some thing like this

Designing a site using Drupal.


I am a web developer. And I have been connected to WordPress since then for content websites.

But, this time I have planned to start a complex project but I don't think wordpress can help much in this.

I'm working on a dating site and want to get it worked with Drupal for the first time.

I need few features to work with this dating site.

But before that, I would like to know if Drupal would be able to do that?

I will post rest of the questions after the confirmation.



Migrating Drupal from one server to another


I got to migrate a website which is created in Drupal 8 and it's located in one of the Ubuntu server. I'm trying to migrated it to Drupal 8.2.6 in CentOS.

I have manually setup LAMP on CentOS. I was able to access php, Drupal and apache from the browser. Then I took a back up of previous Drupal DB with the help of "Backup and Migration" module. On the current Drupal, I have imported the DB using "import" in phpmyadmin and copied all the config files from previous Drupal server to the current in the Drupal directory. 

Migrating from ADF to Drupal

I want to migrate ADF from Drupal.

Current ADF site is having implementation of oracle UCM for uploading and retrieving files.

How could I connect Drupal with oracle UCM??

CSV Migration: Get References and Terms from just One Column

Given the CSV example below using the migrate_source_csv:

id, subject, chapter,     tutorial
1,  Drupal,   Chapter 01, Tutorial 01
2,  Drupal,   Chapter 02, Tutorial 02
3,  Drupal,   Chapter 03, Tutorial 03
4,  Drupal,   Chapter 04, Tutorial 04
5,  Drupal,   Chapter 05, Tutorial 05

Is it possible to process the subject column to create:

Drupal 8 to Drupal 8 migration

I currently have a Drupal 8.1 site that has had a lot of unnecessary modules installed and just junk built up in it at is was my first experience with Drupal. I have been getting PHP errors left and right even after uninstalling modules and I cant update core anymore, so I decided to reinstall and reconfigure the site in another environment with clean DB's.

Problem is I have a lot of content on the old site that I need to migrate over, and the new site has the content types configured differently with different machine names and some changes to their fields.


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