Need help migrating your site to Drupal?

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Rewriting into Drupal, how "screen scrape" similar to PHP "curl" ?

I am succeeding in most ways, at porting, into Drupal at

But the old site uses PHP's "curl" function to screen-scrape a small amount of text on "fire danger" from a CT state website (visible on the home page, upper left).

Trying to execute that in a block in Drupal gives me a security message flashing by, and then disallows the code. I have enabled the PHP Code function.

Entity reference / sourceMigration problem with Migrate

Dear all

I am in the process of trying to migrate my site to drupal 7, which I have never used before. However, I have been very impressed with it which has prompted me to attempt to move the thousands of pages we have onto a new Drupal platform.

I'm using migrate, and I've spent a lot of time learning to write the relevant classes etc. I have simple migrations working fine.

However, I have a lot of pages that cross-references each other: we're a news and podcast site, so we have a lot of authors who write articles and news stories and present programmes.

Implement on Drupal or continue with editor?

I am currently making a website using a simple HTML editor with linked CSS file.
I have only made the homepage so far...
I have chosen Drupal as my CMS and just wanted a bit of advice on whether I should continue to finish my site like that or start on Drupal straight away. If the second option is better do I just copy and paste to Drupal content types?
As a novice I welcome very much your suggestions as I don't want to double the amount of work for myself!

Website content does not yet appear


My drupal (6.16) website was created in 2011. It worked well but since Friday the pages are displayed, but not the content (text, pictures, video). I have changed nothing for several months.The PHP version is 5.4

This notification appears:

Html site. Want to migrate into Drupal 7.41

I also want to migrate my site long island party bus which is by html+javascript.Want to migrate into drupal latest 7.41 version running platform. After reading the whole discussion I already visited but can't realize the function. Would I have to download that software for converting the whole content before implementing nor have to install any plugin to my drupal platform?


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