Need help migrating your site to Drupal?

Migration from WP

Hello everyone
I registered here to look for help with my migration from my woocommerce shop to drupal commerce. Honestly i worked with drupal before and I don't know why i decided to build shop in WP. It's sometimes slow, products lose their prices when update pricing formula, images sometimes do not work...
It doesn't matter now. I really look for someone who knows Drupal and WP and who will do if for me. I need to migrate from Wordpress Woo to Drupal in 14 days.

Report pages to Drupal 8


I have migrating old reportin system to drupal 8. I have exist site where is report pages which I want to migrate to drupal. All report pages are kind of custom reports. Each php file ganerete spesific report. PHP script get data from mysql database and generate report data from raw data. Then report is showed using php, javascript and html compination.

Migrate Drupal 7 from one to a other Host problems


First of all - i did all steps shown on this site:

After restore FileSystem and Database on new system everything seem to be ok - check for updates and so on ...
Then i want to clear Cache i get a Error Message:

RoboHelp/RoboHelp Server integration with Drupal

Hi Drupal users

We are considering a migration of our word documentation to RoboHelp's WebHelp HTML format. Our organisation's website uses Drupal.

A primary requirement is for the technical writers to create and publish the HTML documentation directly onto the corporate website from RoboHelp. However, our web administrator advises that RoboHelp cannot be hosted on our Drupal™ content management system.

Has anyone been able to integrate the RoboHelp development environment with Drupal?


I have a Linux based CKAN Website that must be migrated to Linux based DKAN site


In general, which is the best and most effective Drupal technology to use ?

Is it...

a) The Migration Tools
b) Open Data Schema Map (needs to have a CKAN to DKAN map created)

Or other ? If so, what ?



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