Need help migrating your site to Drupal?

Static site to DRUPAL


Do you think that make sense to migrate to drupal for a site that have 10 pages ? I want to switch because I want to had stuff on my site from any computer.

thanks in advance!!

MigrateDestinationComment: write cid when creating comment?

Q for Drupal 7.34, migrate 7.x-2.7 as of 9-Feb-2015.

In MigrateDestinationNode, one can write/map the nid and set is_new=TRUE:
this creates a new node with the given nid.

In MigrateDestinationComment, writing/mapping the cid creates the comment body field,
but not the comment itself (and there is no is_new destination field).

PDF Migration

I'm attempting to migrate 10 flat hmtl webpages to Drupal. The ten pages are all from a table of contents and each contains around 80-100 pdf files. I'm wondering if anyone knows the most efficient way to migrate these while maintaining the same alignment from the previous web page, and testing each pdf link to make sure they're not broken.

Converting HTML Site to Drupal 7 ?

I have an existing E-Commerce site on a Linux host server that is comprised of .HTML files containing JavaScript, HTML5 code, etc.

Is it possible to install Drupal 7 on the same domain along with the Drupal Commerce module and "redo" my site pages in Drupal 7. I also found a mobile responsive theme that looks like my existing site which I will use.

Then when I'm done recreating my existing site in Drupal, modify the .htaccess file and do a 301 redirecting from the pages of my existing old site to the new Drupal site so that I don't loose any SEO rankings in big 'G'.

wordpress to drupal migration

I have a website which is built on wordpress CMS and now i want to migrate that website to Drupal. is it possible to migrate without losing my Posts and backlinks?

How to migrate domain?


Wondering whether there's a step-by-step instruction on how to point domain to drupal cms & folders once the site is built? Currently have old-fashioned folders one supported via total commander but would like to rebuild it completely in Drupal.



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