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Exporting SharePoint to Drupal experience

My company needs to export a 3000 page SharePoint site which contain 500 sub sites. Has anyone tried to export data from SharePoint to Excel spreadsheet or CSV files? We did export some pages to Excel spreadsheet and found that the body section did not contain HTML formatted text. All images and url links, and tags were stripped out. We need to have the HTML in the spreadsheet file to be able to import it into the new Drupal 8 site using Migrate Source CSV. Does anyone know how to extract this body data from SharePoint?

Process plugin for stripping out characters

I am using Migrate CSV to migrate sharepoint nodes from a csv file into Drupal 8
I need to strip part of the page titles. An example page title is about.aspx. I want to strip the .aspx
Right now I am doing a straight mapping like this= title: title. Is there a plugin that can strip this out?
I know I could do a search and replace in the csv file but I feel its safer to remove in the processing.
I have looked here but cannot find one.

Twitter module


I'm developing a website on drupal 8 , i tried to install twitter/oauth module but i got an error which says i need to instal PERL libraries. Do you know where can i find them?

Thanks you

Zircon's navigation menu does not appear on mobile phone


I'm doing a website using drupal , i chose Zircon's theme , did my blocks , my menu. But my menu does not appear at all on any mobile phone. Is there any fix to it? The website is : , the menu is well displayed on chrome etc.

Thanks you (sorry for my bad english)

Redirecting while working on migration

This is really an Apache question but it's a common Drupal scenario so I figured someone will already have a 3-line .htaccess that answers my problem. And others might find it useful.

I have an existing client's site I've developed the D7-based on my own server. But their account on their web host is more limited than what I have; I ran into trouble with the migration. Since they needed the Drupal version functioning now, I temporarily finessed around this by a .htaccess on their server with the single line:


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