Need help migrating your site to Drupal?

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Migration from Joomla Agora Forum

Hello, thanks in advance to the one reading this post. :)

i have done some time ago a website for a footbal club in Joomla. there is a forum, Agora, that is a good one, but now i want to redo teh full website in Drupal. What i will do is to redo the site in local, and then push it completely new to the server to replace the old one. So no migration for the content itself.

the main feature used in the website is the forum, that has lots of content... It is the component called 'Agora', not the 'pro' version. the previous one.

Migrating Active Site to Drupal

I am a novice, having only been tinkering with website building for a few years.

I am working on two websites right now. The first is a new Drupal 7 site with which I have learned the basics of Drupal, the second is a replacement for an existing Joomla site and is the subject of this question.

I have created a test. subdirectory under my Joomla site in which I have built the new Drupal version, and it is almost ready to migrate. Below are the steps I am planning to take, but am wondering if there is anything I am missing.

Costing development work

We are getting a Drupal development company to build our new website. In the initial quote which puts hours against each task, creating a new content type is given an estimate 8 hours to do. Is this accurate? it seems quite high for it to take a whole day to build one content type.

Migrating from wordpress to drupal

I need your help. this is a word press site that I am Migrating to drupal. I want to create that "Filter by Industry" block that is in the right side bar on my drupal page and make it filter the news release entries according to what taxonomy is selected when creating the news release. what is the best way to accomplish this? I want it to be identical to the wordpress page as far as functionality.


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