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drupal 7 blog missing

I have drupal 7 blog site. But I want to migrate to drupal 8, it shows source blog destination missing.
What can I do
I continued, but then it shows only title but not body.
Interesting thing is that, in phpmyadmin, I can see body content, plz help

D7, static site in root, drupal in subfolder/subdomain

I had to migrate my site to a new server/hosting service (tophost). I set up a subdomain by adding a CNAME record ("blog" on "mysite.ext"), and - as suggested by the registar, I added a .htaccess in the webroot (/htdocs):

A multipage drupal8 website with my own customize theme

I am very new in drupal. I want to make a website with a drupal8 customized theme, that will be like my website, so that I can add anything any time very fast. So basically I have to make a drupal 8 theme by my own. I have already gone through some documents where I got to know to make a drupal 8 theme from scratch. I made that thing but for twig code I got confused. That is like what are the name I'll give the contents and how I'll write the twig code.

Migrate data to custom entities

I am trying to find an example of how to import data from csv to custom entities. To regular nodes it works fine, but whe I try to do the same thing for custom entities it fails with

exception 'Drupal\Core\Config\UnmetDependenciesException' with message 'Configuration objects (dbl_migration_lhd_boenheter) provided by dbl_migrate have unmet dependencies'

Importing users with address, phone, organisation userid, etc?


I need to import a lot of users coming from an old website style ;) each user having his first name, last name, email, phone numbers (2), postal address, roles etc
As there is not a lot of roles letting them to access/modify different content types I can create them manually.
But I don't know how to manage the importation of hundred of users ...

I see that there is an "User Import" module but it seems managing only classical drupal account (userid,password,email).

Thanks in advance for your help

Migrate Module (D7) - created date field on source table has 2 locations


My first post on here so please be gentle...

I am having some difficulty with migrating users from a legacy DB into Drupal 7 using the Migrate module. The legacy data is very messy and not structured very well. The issue I am having is with pulling the correct created date and then saving this against the user in Drupal.


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