Need help migrating your site to Drupal?

Migrating content from Confluence to Drupal (both MySQL)

Hi all,

My company is looking to move away from their current wiki which is built in Confluence (Atlassian) with a MySQL back end.

I've shown them Drupal demo which I'm confident will suit all our needs and they're quite keen on Drupal but the main hurdle is the migration of data from the existing DB into Drupal - we're just interested in the primary page content, not users or permissions/etc.

drupal way to display a directory of names/phone numbers/etc

I'n new to Drupal but handy with PHP, MySQL, jQuery etc.

I am migrating my organization's public site to Drupal. Among the hand-crafted MySQL/PHP stuff is a page that displays rows of data from a database, basically a list of names and contact info for a some people. The data is and will continue to be maintained elsewhere (outside of Drupal), in an independent application hosted internally. My users need not and should not update this via Drupal.

I am moving from HTML to drupal

I have a HTML conference website witch I have migrated to drupal, using COD package. I have very little knowledge of programming so I simply copied html code to page.tpl.php onto a zen subtheme. However I am unable to get my logo right.
Could any one tell me easiest way of fixing my menu. I want it to be dynamic.

Right now its static, and looks something like this:-

Moving Responsive Code to a Drupal Site/Theme

I have been using Drupal for several years now. At work a question recently came up that I am unsure how to answer. A client currently has a responsive site in development on their current non-Drupal site. They are going to switch to Drupal 7 in the near future. The question is will we be able to bring all of the responsive code efforts from the current non-Drupal site over to a new Drupal site? If this is possible would it still work if the new Drupal site used a responsive theme such as Omega?

running your own PHP to query a database

new to Drupal, I am trying to figure out the best approach to creating a page such that displays a form for querying a database, validates, displays results, etc.

Wordpress to Drupal with deals site

Hi everyone,

Currently I'm having a Wordpress site ( that use quite many customized things such as

  • Custom taxonomy
  • Custom fields for those custom taxonomy
  • Existing data for those custom fields which is quite important for my extension

Recently I got attracted about Drupal by its extensible ability, my concern for migrating is that:


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