Need help migrating your site to Drupal?

I am moving from HTML to drupal

I have a HTML conference website witch I have migrated to drupal, using COD package. I have very little knowledge of programming so I simply copied html code to page.tpl.php onto a zen subtheme. However I am unable to get my logo right.
Could any one tell me easiest way of fixing my menu. I want it to be dynamic.

Right now its static, and looks something like this:-

Moving Responsive Code to a Drupal Site/Theme

I have been using Drupal for several years now. At work a question recently came up that I am unsure how to answer. A client currently has a responsive site in development on their current non-Drupal site. They are going to switch to Drupal 7 in the near future. The question is will we be able to bring all of the responsive code efforts from the current non-Drupal site over to a new Drupal site? If this is possible would it still work if the new Drupal site used a responsive theme such as Omega?

running your own PHP to query a database

new to Drupal, I am trying to figure out the best approach to creating a page such that displays a form for querying a database, validates, displays results, etc.

Wordpress to Drupal with deals site

Hi everyone,

Currently I'm having a Wordpress site ( that use quite many customized things such as

  • Custom taxonomy
  • Custom fields for those custom taxonomy
  • Existing data for those custom fields which is quite important for my extension

Recently I got attracted about Drupal by its extensible ability, my concern for migrating is that:

/<doc_root>/admin subdirectory name conflict

seeking advice as to whether and how to rename drupal's "admin" folder -- is the rename_admin_paths module the way to go?

Moving from WordPress

is this feasible and if so what are the pitfalls?


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