Need help migrating your site to Drupal?


Hello All,
I am new to the Drupal world, and I am making a website for my summer internship. It was not made clear to me when I started that my organization has not migrated their sites from D7 to D8 yet, and don't plan on doing so in the near future. So, it is up to me to figure out how to convert my website that I made on Drupal 8 BACKWARDS on to Drupal 7.

I've looked into the bundle copy module but cannot figure out how it works on Drupal 8.

Somebody please help me! Thank you!


Converting Wordpress to Drupal

Hello My Friend

Please help me,
I have a wordpress site, thats web is [link removed].

Can i convert my web to drupal with same template view, because I like this view, but I want better securities from malware on wordpress template.


Migrating from Contao to Drupal

I would like to ask you all for a little help.
What is best (in your opinion) option to migrate from Contao to Drupal? I have serious problems with Contao content editing, they arise and I want to move to more stable platform. Page has about 20 sub-pages (Vtechdyno page), few language versions. I cannot find any guide for such migration other, that in German language. Do I need to do that manually?
Thx for any help.

Best way to migrate only content D7 to D7

I have a developer D7 system and a D7 live system.

In the development system we changed the whole layout which means:
New Views, Different CS, Implementation of Panes, Implementation of Display Suite

Now I'm searching for a way to migrate all nodes, taxonomy, relations to the development system to make it the new live system.
Basically I want have a 1to1 copy of the content from the live system.
No changes to any of the fields have been made. So in general this should be no issue.

Comprehensive guide for migrating a Drupal 7 module to Drupal 8

I see that there are tons of changes in Drupal 8. Yet, there is no comprehensive documentation about the drastic changes. It's getting really painful to upgrade the module to Drupal 8. Any help or good resource where I can get information and example about all the latest changes to Drupal?

Several Drupal versions configuration

We are going to organise our site into several subdomains the following way: - Drupal 7 - Drupal 7 - Drupal 6 - Drupal 8


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