Need help migrating your site to Drupal?

Is Drupal the right CMS for a new membership site?

I am starting work on a new client site and I'm wondering whether Drupal would be suitable for the CMS.

Need Help please!

So I am helping a group of guys who started making a website. They already have the html and css built, but they need the functionality built. I was wondering if there is a way to use their html and css without going through the theme process.

Migrating From Wordpress, Can't find suitable themes


I want to migrate my site to drupal but im afraid people leaving my site because of the theme change drastically. Can anyone suggest me similar theme for my site?


Can someone convert Wordpress plugins to Drupal 7 modules?

Can someone convert these Wordpress plugins to Drupal 7 modules for me? Here are their links. Thanks if you can!

Need to Migrate From Wordpress To Drupal

Hello Drupal users,

I've create a blog for my sister which currently working at Toyota Indonesia, but We need to migrate from WP to Drupal. Before I migrate, I have question on which version of drupal that suitable with the WP 4.2.3 version?

Thank you

Custom CMS to Drupal 8


For a while now I am planning to convert news portal from custom made CMS to Drupal 8. "Live" editing option was persuasive enough.

The site has a following structure:


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