Need help migrating your site to Drupal?

Migrate from Woocommerce to Drupal?


We are wondering if it's better to migrate our Wordpress Woocommerce webshop to Drupal.
The reason for investigation is that the CMS becomes slower. For now it's ok, but when the number of visitors and products increases more than it already does, it might become a problem.
Does anyone have experience with this and can tell is this is a 'go' or 'no go'?


Placing a Comodo TrustLogo on D7

Hi All,

Adding a floating Comodo EV SSL Trust logo to a Drupal 7 site (to appear as on, right bottom corner).
Comodo issues two script snippets to add one before and second before tag.
What is correct way to this so the TrustLogo is not affected by D7 update or change of a theme? Or is it easier to build it into my subtheme?

Thanks in advance,

Best replacement for custom speadsheet parser

My client has a Web site that we are converting to Drupal 7. For the most part this has gone smoothly. However there are a few pages that contain complex custom PHP that I am not sure how to go about porting. This thread will be the first of several as we go through this process.

Design a order management system

Hey guy's i am new to drupal i have to create a simple order management system with following functionality.
1 : Where user can Register.
2 : He can login.
3 : He can place an order.
4 : admin of the site can view the orders and can change the status of the from prepare to prepared .
and many more ....

WordPress to Drupal questions

Greetings and thanks for the assistance....

I currently have a wordpress site - -

This is an archived old newspaper site with about 25k ocr pdf files for full text searching ... I am reaching limitations with the lack of a good pdf search module for Wordpress . I will be using the most current version of Drupal .

I am looking to rebuilt this site in Drupal , but have questions:

How to convert wordpress to Drupal?

Can I convert my wordpress websites(Interpoolme, stackon) into drupal. what is the procedure i have to do? can i use same theme or get best theme for my billiard table selling website.


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