Need help migrating your site to Drupal?

D6-> D8 - "Missing bundle entity, entity type node_type, entity id"


On my migration i have an error message that i don't understand

Missing bundle entity, entity type node_type, entity id

Is there any body how can help me
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Replicating a WordPress Website in Drupal

Hey guys, sorry if it's off the topic. I have a blog in WordPress and I want to remake that in Drupal. Anyone here know how to do it ? I mean i just want to know where to start for this theme only in drupal. I really don't wanna dive into all drupal coding.

Import Excel data to show in tables and charts

I have some data on Excel documents, I need to import my data into Drupal and them show the data in tables or chart. What is the most simple way to do that? What do you recommend me?

How do I convert a Bootstrap 3 Template to Drupal??

Okay...I'm loving Drupal...lots of learning!

Question: I have a pre-designed website built using a Bootstrap 3 template gotten off the internet. Images, CSS, folders, everything is in place to go live but it has no underlying SQL database to query from. That is why I picked up Using Drupal by O'Reilly and found that I can use Drupal to design the whole thing!

Can I use the existing website and convert it into a Bootstrap theme?

Or, would it be better to start from scratch since I already know how I want it to look and function??

D6->D8 - fews questions


I am trying to migrate my sites in Drupal 6 to Drupal 8.
I try with drush-upgrade, and i have some difficulties, I propose to share our trials, our mistakes and discoveries.

I start with a very simple site one type and 50 nodes.


- The type conversion is not accurate, simple texts have become text boxes, impossible to correct it.
- I can't put nodes on the home page, nor manually nor via the administration.
- I can't find how to generate private file management system.


Migrate Data from NONDrupal site to Drupal


I have a existing NON Drupal site which I'm making completely new with Drupal8.
My Problem is now how to migrate all that content to Drupal.


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