Need help migrating your site to Drupal?

Integration of PDFs into Drupal 8

In search of best practices and learnings for how PDFs are migrated, managed, related, tagged, etc. in Drupal 8? Current site hosts thousands of PDFs. How are PDFs used in other Drupal systems? What are important modules for PDF content? Other considerations?

Migrating Drupal 8 from Apache to Nginx

Hi everybody,

I moved (SCP) my Drupal 8 from an Apache Server to an Nginx Server. On the Apache Server Drupal was installed in /webroot/drupal/. On the Nginx Server it is installed in /webroot. The problem I have, that Drupal is still searching the sites in /drupal/blabla like the old configuration was. So how or where can I change the url to the webroot? Thank you for some help. Tom

DPM in Drupal 8

Hi all,

Anyone know how to if D8 caters for the same style dpm output that d7 does?

What I mean is the type of output that you can click on to expand objects and arrays.

Using default is D8 seems a bit more like print_r, which is good, but harder to inspect.


Migrating Wordpress + Woocommerce to Drupal + Drupal Commerce

I need to migrate all the user detail including password, order history, billing address from WordPress to Drupal commerce. I am not sure how to start it. Can anyone please help me to the right direction?

Thanks in advance.

Integrating external HTML content

I have a set of HTML help systems, created in Madcap Flare (basically mini websites - with html pages, images, css & javascript & xml support files, all in different folders, living on a web server - example) and I want to control user access to these sites via Drupal.


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