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Web servel Log files on shared hosting & Privacy policies

Hi, this is my very first drupal 8 site. I am not sure, what to write in privacy policy section if I am using shared hosting.

As far as I have searched, I came to know that, since it is shared hosting you as a website owner does not have control over the WEB SERVER LOG files which gets generated automatically by APACHE. Now, since I cannot delete those files. What should I write in my website's privacy policy regarding those Web Server Log data of users.

What hosting is Drupal.org on? During speed being throttled to 64kbps, I can still access & download from drupal.org like 3G/4G

During my speed being throttled to 64kbps after exceeding the broadband quota, I browse all sites very slow like a snail. Surprisingly, I can still access Drupal.org very fast (cleared all caches / histories) and download the Drupal Core Package (7 & 8) at the speed of 3G/ 4G.

I tested it many times with IE, Edge, Chrome, Firefox & Opera, all access and download files like 3G/4G from Drupal.org after my speed was already throttled.

Open Social hosting first steps

I am new to Drupal and VPS's. I know cpanel and 1 click cms installs.

I am super keen to make a Drupal Open Social site.

I would like some advice on which VPS host to go with ?
Digital Ocean, Heroku, Vultr etc
Are any better then the other for newbies ?
Are any better for Drupal ?

Thinking 5 or $10 per month to start with.

Thanks very much.

After site migration I see PHP code from my custom modules (screenshot in body)

I got localhost wamp server and migrate my site on it. After migration got next problems:



Standart htaccess

Error log


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