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What is the easiest secure drupal hosting service?

A friend's drupal site was hacked. I helped set up the drupal site 5 years ago and I don't think anyone else has done much to it since then. It was hosted on bluehost. Her web site has very low traffic. It's more like a prototype. The total number of people who visited the site is probably less than 200. I'm surprised the hacker knows about the site.

Problem when actived mask

Can someone help me ?? The problem occurs when I activate the mask in the configuration of my domain provider.
I have 2 domain name with 2 different vendors and I have the same problem with the 2.

So is it at the level of drupal or vendors ??
No problem with the mask for sites made with software other than drupal 7

Permissions page crashes with Greengeeks

Looking for some feedback. I've been with greengeeks for a while now and have been pretty happy (save for a definite pattern with the tech team not reading basic information every time that I submitted ticket) until today when I submitted a ticket because I can't access the permissions page...

SiteGround opinions?

Has anyone tried hosting a Drupal site on SiteGround? They seem to offer SSH access, which would be a great help with updating via Drush, running cron, etc.


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