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Experience with interserver.net ?

Has anyone hosted with interserver.net ? They are listed on this page for VPS providers https://www.drupal.org/hosting/vps . There price is great, but that scares me a little. I’m essentially looking for a great price for hosting with a dedicated IP.

Be aware. Arvixe hosting services is the worst in the world

As per April 2015 arvixe is using php version 5.3.28 and they deny to upgrade even with well documented vulnerability that allow remote attackers to obtain sensitive information from php-cgi process memory by leveraging the ability to upload a .php file or (2) trigger unexpected code execution if a valid PHP script is present in memory locations adjacent to the mapping.

Hosts that perform security updates?

I'm looking for a host for a set of new Drupal sites.

Need a reliable shared web hosting



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