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Installing Drupal 7 with SQL Server


I have to install the Drupal 7 with MSSQL DB server. I referred few comments regarding this but not find the clear idea about it. Anybody installed like this?. If anybody installed please let me the required components and steps how to proceed this.

Thanks in advance.


Site doesn't work anymore

Hi There,

Hope anyone can help me out here. My Drupal site all of a sudden doesn't work anymore. If I look at the log file I see the following.

Warning for Site5 Users - Drush is broken

Site5 is not the wonderful developer friendly webhost that it used to be.
It has been bought by EIG - https://www.endurance.com/our-company/our-brands

How I can change WordPress to drupal?

I have a website as bestsocialplan.com. I want change the WordPress site to paid drupal. I need also paid hosing. Please help me!


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