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Transition from Local to Web Host

I have no doubt this is a simple question, but I am struggling to sort it out in my head.

The process of putting a Drupal based website is as follows, correct?

Download Drupal on local machine.
Create site that I want to host.
Download Drupal on Web Host using cPanel.
Transfer files from local machine to cPanel.

Is that right? I am using GoDaddy to host, if that matters at all.

Thanks for the feedback as I am still unsure how to make the leap from local machine to web hosting.

Drupal 7 high mysql CPU usage - what more can I cache?


Due to a mistake I reserved an aws RDS instance with 1 CPU and 3.75 RAM - not ideal, but I did this for a year in advance. Crap! Naturally, Drupal the resource hog as it can be is dancing on the 90%-100% CPU usage line here. I was planning on at least 7.5 RAM and TWO CPU's I'm fucked!

I have Varnish 4 installed and working
I have Drupal default cache on (when I turn on Authcache, default fails and Varnish 4 fails)
90% of traffic is anonymous so caching as much as possible is obviously ideal.

The Drupal 7 install that I have is Pressflow optimized.

Step by Step on how to install and configure Alternative PHP Cache (APC) Module in drupal 7

Hello People!

Pls I need a help on Step by Step on how to install and configure Alternative PHP Cache (APC) Module in drupal 7. My site is running dam slow i cant even work from the back-end.

will be great-full to receive help.



I own 8 domains all running one drupal page, but with different content. (languages :-) )
www.website.etc etc etc

I've just bought the domain


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