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Is the cheap shared 1and1 plan ok for Drupal?

I'm always hesitant to go with any host that offers "unlimited" anything but I'm working with someone that is a strong 1and1 advocate, is there anyone with experience using them here to host Drupal? We're running a small site that gets maybe 500 unique visitors per month.

Should I change the Name Servers?


I purchased my domain name from GoDaddy, and am now trying to host my site with HostGator.

NowI have a few questions w.r.t to the change of Name Servers:

1) After changing the name servers, do I need to pay HostGator (instead of GoDaddy) in the future to keep my domain?

2) Should I keep the name servers separate with the web host (e.g., host site with HostGator, while use the Name Servers from GoDaddy)? what is the pros and cons by doing this?

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

Video Files not quick playing, using Mediafront

I'm using Drupal 7 and Mediafront 7.x-1.5.

The issue I'm seeing is that large mp4 video files are not playing until they are completely loaded into the browser (which takes 7 minutes to load). I want the file to start playing immediately without having to load completely into the browser (like a youtube video).

I have confirmed that the mp4 file was created with the moov index file at the beginning so it should play quickly (but it doesn't).

The following 2 Mediafront settings are checked:

Drush on AN Hosting Shared Host

Is anyone using drush on an AN Hosting (now Midphase) shared account? Tech support is telling me I can't install it on a shared account but I've seen references of other people using it. I really don't want to move this account if I don't have to.


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