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D8 and 1and1

Hi everyone,  is for a long time I try install D8 on a 1and1 share server. But never can do it. Is something I lost, maybe is no possible? 

I still try to install D8 with the 1and1 app center, the installation work for one week. Then start show error 500, UTC (Europa/Berlin) .... 

I will love try the D8, please some one can give a help or info to digg. Thanks!!!

Sean Roland - Which is the affordable hosting for a new business?

Hi all,

I have started my own business of electronic appliances and now I want to be online with an eye-catching and attractive in which I don't use so much plugins, many people suggested me word press, but I want all users’ reviews on the same.

Please give me a suitable idea. Waiting for your prompt reply.

Thanks :)
Sean Roland

Best web hosting providers for Drupal 8

Who are the best hosting providers for Drupal 8 that guarantee as close to 100% uptime as possible? 

I am familiar with Acquia but would be interested if others have had positive experiences with other Drupal 8 hosts. 

I'm particularly interested in enterprise level service with strong support and/or data centres located in Australia.

i haev a issue

After extensive self taught i have finally managed to design my first website for a school i currently work.Now uploading it to internet so anyone can see what we do.Am stuck.
Please if anyone is reading this kindly recommends a good hosting platform and easy to do it on your own tutorials with less technical jargons so that i can post the site to online for my school.I use DRUPAL CORE 7.Thanks in advance


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