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Who can registered .edu and .ac domain?

I want to register domain with .edu or .ac extension, but the service provider is asking me to submit some set of document of my organisation, which was verified by ERNET. Earlier I had registered few domain with .com and other domain extension, but the registered company (Hostindia.net) had not asked me for any documentation but why for .ac and .edu?
I can submit document, but I just want to confirm that someone will not abuse my document.
If you have any information about it, please help me

which is the best drupal hosting for you?

please tell me your experience and what is the best drupal hosting for you thank you in advance

CKeditor problems

I did that users with certain roles could use ceditor , everything works, but after a while I looked, and I saw that CKEditor remained available ADMIN and other users can not use it. Raleigh does not change things like the same way as before, when running. What could happen, maybe someone had similar problems?

Unable to connect to MySQL

My Drupal website runs OK with a couple of problems.

I keep getting an error message at the bottom of every page when I am logged in "Unable to connect to MySQL".

In general this message is only a minor annoyance, except that I have noticed now that I can't save permissions changes any more.

A little history of the website:

The website was developed on Godaddy linux hosting. It was then moved to internal hosting for my organization with IIS, now I am running Windows server 2012 with IIS. About 6 months ago I was hacked by MECA.


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