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H5P on shared hosting

I am using Hostinger for a Drupal H5P server. When I try to upload images or video over ~6Mb the site freezes and eventually loads install.php. 

I can go back to the content page but any content that has caused a freeze during production will not load and go to install.php again. The Drupal log has the 2006 mysql server has gone away error.

Accessing Drupal Site from Multiple Devices

I am relatively new to using Drupal.
I recently installed Drupal 8.5.3 on my localhost - using Wampserver 3.1.0 -  and set up a site featuring Juicebox.
Moreover, I gave administrator permissions to a few people, who cannot, however, access my site, since they get a "This site can't be reached." message.
I already read a few relevant articles, but nothing actually worked out for me.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Media Replacement Steps on a Drupal 7 Site

I’m the administrator of a sophisticated site built with Drupal 7 and I need to quickly learn how to do a few things that would be trivial if I were working with a Dreamweaver site.  I’ve watched a few introductory lessons on Lynda.com etc. and I’m willing to bet that there are equivalent ways to accomplish these tasks with my Drupal site but I don’t immediately see how.

With the Dreamweaver site, as an administrator with access to the server what I could easily do is: use an ftp client to access and see all of the media from the site as it exists on the server.

Drupal Hosting in UK/USA

I'm still at the beginning of learning Drupal 8.5 in order to build a database website.
(One hosting representative suggested that I use Drupal 7 than 8.5 - (better using the modules) but I'm less convinced.)
I know that I'm likely to need at least Domain SSL if not 'extended' in time.


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