Everest is a base theme for Drupal.

Sub-theme can be easily generated by using the Drush command.
$ drush everest-subtheme

Currently it is in the development phase.

Drush for Developers, 2nd Edition

Effectively manage Drupal projects using Drush
Packt Publishing
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Drush for Developers, Second Edition, takes common challenges in Drupal projects and solves them using Drush. This book starts with the different installation approaches for Drush and its command structure. It then moves on to perhaps the trickiest challenge in Drupal projects: keeping code and configuration together during a project's lifetime. Next, we will deep dive into the tasks needed to keep a website under control and learn how to run, automate, and monitor them effectively.

Error validating and debugging our Drush commands is a must and this book has a whole chapter on that topic. The magic of managing remote Drupal projects through Drush site aliases is explained in the following chapters through a practical example. Finally, the book wraps up by putting in practice all the concepts covered in previous chapters in order to implement a development workflow for a team.

Drealty Drush Commands

When working with drealty, you may wish to use Drush to import/flush the listings. Here's a list of available commands.

Installing Drush 6 and 7 on Shared Hosting Accounts With Composer

This document will guide you through the installation of Drush using Composer on your shared Linux hosting account. Topics include requesting SSH access to your account, using an SSH Client, general Bash usage, Composer installation and Drush installation.

Searching elements within a list.

IDC uses a custom version of drush_choice() and drush_choice_multiple() to add some DX Features on top of them. One of those improvements is the ability to search specific items within a list (single choice, or multiple choice).

Imagine you have a long list ( > 50 items) and you're prompted to select one or more values of that list.
Imagine you're looking for values that contain a similar string in the label (e.g: "field_article_").

Instead of entering them one by one, you can filter the list by that string.



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