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Developer releases -- release early, release often

Proposal: the current core development cycle is releasing a stable (for example Drupal 5), opening up HEAD, hacking for N months and then releasing the next stable (Drupal 6) meanwhile 5.1, 5.2 etc gets released for bugfix. I propose that during the hacking period we do developer releases from time to time, maybe every two weeks, once there is something new that somewhat works. So there will be occassionally Drupal 6.x bugfix releases and more often Drupal 7.x unstable releases.

A few scenarios that might happen:

  • Someone grabs a contrib module and try to update it. Currently it seems like a waste and impossible because HEAD is always changing. It still will be a waste somewhat because surely Drupal 8 (stable) and Drupal 7.3 (developer release) will be different API wise but not all effort is wasted and if some API does not work out for you, here is the chance to voice your concerns. The next "multistep node form" problem maybe won't need three releases to make easy...
  • A consultant might want to do this because then she has a competitive edge -- honestly can tell her clients that she is already getting ready for Drupal 8. Currently noone can say that unless she is actually patching HEAD.

Query to get a all tags field values and pour all value in field

UPDATE : i need get a all values of tags field !

MY Query :

D5 Error ">


look at this:

for me it's impossible locate and understand this error,
something deprecated generate an "> and move div's...

someone else has happened and you know why?

Thank you!

Problem with log after change OU in AD controler


in my company we are using drupal 6.19 version. Our AD administrator change OU in AD controler and move all users to new OU ... atm users cant log to administrator panel on drupal. Can you tell me pls how we can fix it? I can log because he move me back so i can log but i dont know how to change it right now ...

kind regards

How can change Drupal Authentication code

I want to make a single login password which works on all the platforms installed on my HostGator account. Make a one central database for login and password and in all the platforms change the authentication code so that they use the central database for login.
Here I want to know that how can I make changes in the Drupal authentication code?


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