Questions regarding upgrading an existing Drupal site. Don't forget to read the UPGRADE.txt that comes with evey Drupal download.

From 7.35 to 7.38 - Some Images Give Error 403

Hi All!

Today I updated my Drupal installation from 7.35 to the advised 7.38. Everything went like it should, thus no errors etc.
But when I visit my site, either logged in or logged out, I am missing some images I added before. Further testing shows that the images which won't show, give me HTTP Error 403 - Access Denied.

I already checked the file permissions, at several places on the server and they seem all the same for all images (it is a Linux based server)

Object Moved Error !!!!

Lately I update my site form 7.32 to 7.38,
Everything went well, but after it updated I receive this Error on some of my pages, especially the one to submit forms,

Object Moved
This document may be found here

See this:

It's huge website and the client is getting really Mad, Please help!

Thanks guys,

stdClass error when trying to update document

Hi There,

Apologies if I'm not posting in the correct area.

Summary: Upgraded from D6 to D7 (Nightmare). Error when trying to edit existing document node.

Users can successfully upload new documents but cannot edit existing.

When a user comes to save, the error 'A new document cannot be specified without creating a new revision first'.

If I switch on error reporting, I get the following extra information:

Yup I broke my live site.

Let's just start here. I'm dumb and I decided that after not touching my drupal site for almost 2 years, I decided to go ahead and run an update on my live site without first having a backup. And now I feel completely lost.

On my update.php page I have the following errors:

Unresolved dependency entity (Missing)
Entity tokens requires this module.

Unresolved dependency entityreference (Missing)
Entity Reference Behavior Example requires this module.

Unresolved dependency entity (Missing)
Rules requires this module.

crippled module, cannot uninstall or reinstall

I have just run an upgrade of my modules (not the core, it is currently one release behind) and after upgrading everything, I updated the databse and all seemed to have gone fine.

The site is working as expected, but when I try to create a new entry in one of my nodes, I get

Colorbox lose image url if file directory is specific

Hi everyone,

I have a problem with colorbox module. I created differents content types with an image field where I have specified separates directory for the uploaded files ("site/default/files/articles" for articles, "site/default/files/pages" for base page, etc.).
But if i upload an image,Colorbox link to a bad url ("site/default/files", the subfolder is missing) ; it seems colorbox is only able to find pictures on the default files folder. The thumbnail image appear but i get this message if i clic the colorbox link :" This image failed to load."


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