Questions regarding upgrading an existing Drupal site. Don't forget to read the UPGRADE.txt that comes with evey Drupal download.

New upgrade 7.57 to 8.50 issues

Just used upgrade to change to version 8.

Everything seems to have gone well ( ignoring the obsoleted modules ) except for 3 issues.

1) Before the upgrade I got the missing modules messages (19) and installed and enabled what I could to try again.

Afterwards after running update and CRON I ran the upgrade again and got the same 19 ?

2) The new 8.5.0 site has 2 HOMES in the main nav. One had edit & delete while the other only had edit.

( Deleted the one with delete option. )

Will Drupal 9 will only use Composer to install


I saw the note on the Drush documentation state that:

Drush 9 only supports one install method. It requires that your Drupal 8 site be built with Composer and Drush be listed as a dependency.

Does that mean i have to use drush and composer for my company's drupal 8 website moving forward?

Thanks in advance.

Please some suggestion for renew from 7.2 to 8.x

Hi at all...

I'm an italian user so normally post on italina forum ... I have some sites on 7.2 and I would renew it usinf drupal 8.x ....I search for some suggest about best version of 8.x .... my intention is use as base teme robotics or solid theme .....

Error "Undefined index: #field_name en file_managed_file_save_upload()" after update Drupal core 7.56 to 7.57

When I upload a file via the media module I get the error above and can't upload the file

Notice: Undefined index: #field_name in file_managed_file_save_upload()
The file could not be uploaded.

Drupal 8.5 updating/upgrading workflow

So let's see if I have figured the Drupal/Composer work flow:

Given that using Update Manager and Composer are not the best idea on a production site.  Also since I'm on a shared server at a Hosting Company (HostGator) I can't run composer on the same server as the production site.  Because of that I will have a Linux PC with Composer and Drush for development and testing.

On the Development PC:

Upgrade D6 to D8 with Feeds. We can.

I`d like to share this. I did it... And now not sure if I really need Drupal8 (figure out why).

Here is just some basics. You will make your changes according to your site content and ctructure.

1. Upgrade your D6 to latest version - drupal 6.38 24 Feb 2016


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