Questions regarding upgrading an existing Drupal site. Don't forget to read the UPGRADE.txt that comes with evey Drupal download.

user mass import in Drupal 8 from Drupal 6


Savez-vous comment importer en masse des utilisateurs dans Drupal 8 ?
J’aimerais fusionner plusieurs carnets d’adresses de Drupal 6, je pense donc passer par un import LDIF ou CSV

Merci d’avance

hello ,

Do you know how import mass of users in Drupal 8 ?
I would like to merge multiple address books, I think to go through an import LDIF or CSV

Thank you in advance

Upgrade from 6 to 7 or do a clean install?


A client has a fairly large Drupal 6 site with a couple of thousand users. We're overhauling the site entirely (new design, new functionality). I'm wondering what the best approach would be.

  • Should I upgrade the current Drupal 6 installation to Drupal 7?
  • Should I do a clean install of Drupal 7, all new modules etc. then import users and nodes?

Just trying to make my life as easy as possible, thanks in advance!

[résolu, solved]Taxonomie - version 6 -> version 8


J’ai quelques sites en version 6 que je souhaite passer en version 8 prochainement.
Je ne suis pas passée par Drupal 7.

Mes sites sont entièrement structurés autour de la taxonomie.
J’ai utilisé toutes les possibilités de Drupal 6 autour de la taxonomie.

J’essaye de tester Drupal 8 et je constate que les URL de type « taxonomie/term/1+5 » ne fonctionnent plus.

J’ai tenté de passer par Views, mais je n’arrive pas à configurer une vue pour avoir l’équivalent, c’est à dire avoir les nœuds qui ont deux termes de taxonomie en même temps.

7.37 zip corrupt?


I have tried to download the latest Drupal core, from different PCs and have got an error when trying to open the .zip or .tar.

All versions seem to be corrupted... Any word on this?

Ubercart catalog lost after Drupal update

I upgraded Drupal core from 7.16 to current, and got the following error,

Notice: Undefined property: RulesReactionRule::$status in _entity_defaults_rebuild() (line 884 of /var/www/vhosts/

Drupal Commerce Kickstart 2

Hi Everyone,

I have been trying for the past 2 days to install drupal commerce kickstart on my website but its not going as planned.

Everytime I install it using filezilla on my windows 32 bits computer. After I type /update.php, it will just show "no new updates available". It is like it is refusing to install commerce kickstart 2 on my website.

Someone please help me. I use filezilla for all my uploads. I don't know if I have to try something different for commerce kickstart.



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