Questions regarding upgrading an existing Drupal site. Don't forget to read the UPGRADE.txt that comes with evey Drupal download.

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Drupal 7 to 8 Upgrade

Installed Drupal 8 on my local windows machine after upgrading Xampp. because drupal 8 needs a higher php version
Everything ok (only a warning about php opCache) and the site is running.
Plans are to migrate a existing drupal 7 site to drupal 8 (local and when everything works bring it to the life site)

I Tried the migrate module and got a lot of errors, but at the end I think most of my content types are converted and available in the new site, but it seems all links with images are gone and the images are not copied to the drupa 8 site.

Content linki issue

Hello guys

Can't configure Google Analytics module


I am working in the web company. My client has installed Google Analytics module but he is not able to enter the web property ID to start tracking the site because after installation and activation of the module, the configuration button did not appear. The module can't be seen in configuration -> System either.

Although everything works fine for me in dev environment.

Drupal version: 7.38
Google Analytics: 7.x-2.1

The screenshot:

function 'image_node_form' not found or invalid function name in drupal_retrieve_form()

I'm upgrading a Drupal 6 site that used Images to Drupal 7 and I'm having a problem. After I performed the migration, I enabled the core Image module then I went to the Content Migrate and migrated field_photo. Then I went to a node with an image and nothing was displayed. When I attempted to edit the node, I was greeted with this lovely message:

Warning: call_user_func_array() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, function 'image_node_form' not found or invalid function name in drupal_retrieve_form() (line 841 of /home/louusiteadmin/


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