Questions regarding upgrading an existing Drupal site. Don't forget to read the UPGRADE.txt that comes with evey Drupal download.

Workbench "Needs Review" Listing Duplicates after Upgrade

After upgrading Drupal, the site's content editors report the MyWorkbench tabs for "Needs Review" and "Needs Final Approval" lists show what appear to be a lot of duplicates.

There will be anywhere from 3 to 11 lines listed for the same "Title", but they will list a different "Revised by", yet all have the same"Last Updated" time value. Plus we're certain not all the other Revised-by people listed edited the content (and there's no way they ~all~ edited at the exact same timestamp).

Drush D7 update fails "Illegal string"

I recently installed drush 7.0 and used it to update my D6 multisite on shared hosting. That was a struggle due to my lack of experience but I eventually got it working smoothly. Now I want to update a D7 single site in a subdirectory of /public_html using the same drush7.

Migrate drupal 6 -> 8 - module biblio


I am looking for what i need to migrate my sites from "Drupal 6" to "Drupal 8".

One of my problems is the module "Biblio" witch is not very active and probably will be not create for "Drupal 8".

Is there any body witch has found a process to solve that problem.

Merci d'avance, and sorry for my english

Migrate Matrix Field from Drupal 6 to 7

I'm using the Migrate module to migrate content from a D6 site into a new D7 site.
All my fields seem to be coming over nicely, but I haven't been able to find any examples or documentation of how to move a Matrix field from D6 to D7.

Initially I wanted to migrate the Matrix Field to a Field Collection in D7 but didn't find any information on that and thought maybe it would be easier to move to a Matrix Field in D7.

If anyone has an example of a field mapping either from
Matrix > Matrix
Matrix > Field Collection

How will Drupal 7.39 upgrade affect our current apps?

I am a tester of the UI for Drupal applications. We are currently at 7.34 and have 5 applications. When we upgrade, will there be anything noticeable the UI testers should look for?

Migrating role expiration from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 site

I run a subscription based website, with a few thousand subscribers. I am currently running it with Drupal 6 and Ubercart. I have rebuilt the site on Drupal 7, using Commerce. Now I want to migrate my user database to the new site, but am perplexed at trying to find a way to move the Ubercart-generated role expirations into the new Commerce system. Does anyone have experience with this, or suggestions of how to proceed?

Thanks in advance.


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