Questions regarding upgrading an existing Drupal site. Don't forget to read the UPGRADE.txt that comes with evey Drupal download.

Issues with upgrade to 7.35

I have updated to 7.35 following the update.txt instructions. Everything proceeded as expected and the update completed without error. When I clicked on the admin page link I got back to the admin page with the following alert: "Operating in maintenance mode. Go online."

When I click on that, I get "500 Internal Server Error" page.

How do I get out of maintenance mode?

Upgrade 7.34 to 7.35

Hi All and thanks for any advice or reference,
I am now having my site restored from a backup to 7.34 following a failed attempt to upgrade to 7.35. I did it manually and called myself following the exact instructions, except for the automated drush part. My upgrade was successful, BUT I no longer had any content and all my contributed modules were no longer enabled. All my prepped Views were gone...just the basic installation with ONLY the Admin user. Basically I:

error after upgrading to Drupal 6.35

After upgrading to Drupal 6:35, I have this error message in sending the email validation of registration:
"Missing argument 4 for user_pass_rehash (), called in /public_html/sites/all/modules/logintoboggan/logintoboggan.module on line in 1072 and defined in the row /public_html/modules/user/user.module 1490."

Help me!

drupal 7.35 upgrade - parse error for subdomain

Dear community,

Can someone help me with some hint or solution?

I upgraded my web site from drupal core 7.34 to 7.35 (security update) by copying all files from the drupal 7.35 archive onto the webserver, overwriting files existing.

The main domain works :-)

Appling patches after upgrade


I have an Open Atrium installation with some patches applied by me. I would like to know if there is a way to apply those patches after upgrading to a new version. Can I make a drush make file on top the Open Atrium drush make?

I am learning git and I use it to upgrade my site from local to production, but I haven't used it to link Drupal repository to my local.

Any tip to learn how to make this is very welcome, thanks and sorry for my bad English :)

should you convert MYISAM to INNODB before D7 upgrade?

DB Tuner module can convert all Drupal 6 tables to INNODB. I read that you should do this on the D6 before you upgrade to D7, it this true? I have noticed that D7 creates all the INNODB tables it needs to use on its own.


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