Questions regarding upgrading an existing Drupal site. Don't forget to read the UPGRADE.txt that comes with evey Drupal download.

Commerce Kickstart: DB update #7107 search_api_db fails

Hello folks,

I have just updated my Drupal 7 Commerce Kickstart installation from v2.43 to v2.45. Everything went well apart from one database update which said (and continues to say):

search_api_db module
Update #7107

Failed: DatabaseSchemaObjectDoesNotExistException: Cannot change the definition of field search_api_db_product_display_search_api_aggregation_2.field_name: field doesn't exist. in DatabaseSchema_mysql->changeField() (line 462 of [path]).

Turning my existing Drupal 7 site to multisite

Hello! Decided to create a topic here, because I can't find the solution anywhere else.

I have an existing Drupal 7 site Now it's a single site. I want to add blog to it on subdomain using Drupal miltisite functionality. But after reading documentation and different tutorials, I still can't understand the process completely. Here's what I've done:

1. Created directory 'blog' in /sites/.

2. Copied settings.php file to my /sites/blog directory.

[SOLVED] Commerce Kickstart error after upgrade: Distro Update Manager says version mismatch

Hello folks,

I just manually upgraded a site to Commerce Kickstart 2.43, and now the admin update page says Not supported! for Commerce Kickstart 2.43, with these errors:

Distro Update Manager: colorbox version 7.x-2.10 does not match .make file version 7.x-2.12 from commerce_kickstart.
Distro Update Manager: inline_entity_form version 7.x-1.6 does not match .make file version 7.x-1.8 from commerce_kickstart.
Includes: Commerce Kickstart

"No pending update" -- cannot apply Drupal core update

Hello. I was trying to update my site from 7.41 to 54. I was following carefully this guide ( to the letter. I backed up my database, and the entire site from the FTP server and using backup and migrate module, and replaced all files except for the sites directory. When I run update.php it says 'No pending update'. In the admin, it remains to be in version 7.41.

D6 Screwed up updating Drupal core

I have an old D6 site I was trying to prepare for migrating to a new server and screwed up updating Drupal core. There were a couple updates pending, so I was trying to do those before migrating. The server is running Ubuntu. I was having trouble finding update instructions for core on D6 so I put the site in test mode, downloaded drupal-6.38.tar.gz, and expanded it in sites/all/modules. Once I did this I cannot access the site and keep getting an error as follows:
Fatal error: Call to undefined function filter_xss_bad_protocol() in /var/ ... /includes/ on line 999

Lost my connection to "configuration" in drupal.

I try to Upgrade my drupal and it looks fine in the start but when I go to "configuration" as admin I get a Message: failure in this site.
the command is: /admin/config.php

If I change to /admin/web.config.php
I got to the administration site.

I don't now where I can look for failure in this site.

( have try in to days.. :-) )



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