Questions regarding upgrading an existing Drupal site. Don't forget to read the UPGRADE.txt that comes with evey Drupal download.

Drupal 8 minor upgrade

Does anybody know the exact way Drupal 8 could be upgraded , mean from 8.0.0 to the last beta version (8.0.0.beta 9)?

I tried to upgrade via ftp by removing all files and folders except "sites" and then replacing with the same files and folders from last release, but without any result (non functioning/not responding website).

Upgrade or start fresh?

I have a fairly large subscription based site ( that is currently running Drupal 6. I want to upgrade to Drupal 7, and at the same time, I want to rebuild much of the site. Over the past seven years, the site has changed, and many of the pages are out of date, old formats, old content types, etc. This seems like a good time to do some house cleaning.

Can't update any of my drupal website!


I search a lot on the internet for answer, but no way to find anything.

My principal website was on 7.31, but it's a real pain to upgrade this website. 7.32 = fail, 7.33 = fail, 7.34 = fail and 7.35 = other fail! So i'm still on 7.31 on this website.

I follow exactly the step on your page:

Among others: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in system.install on line 3157


After upgrading Drupal 7 with the last kernel some days ago, I got an error when I go on admin/config:
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in ../public_html/modules/system/system.install on line 3157

I can't update the database: update.php let me a blank page.

So I can't upgrade modules too: admin/@updates send me in the configuration page.

We have a 5.3.3 php server with Drupal 7.34, 2014-11-19.
Must I upgrade to drupal 7.35 or it will be worse ?

Best regards,

Issues with upgrade to 7.35

I have updated to 7.35 following the update.txt instructions. Everything proceeded as expected and the update completed without error. When I clicked on the admin page link I got back to the admin page with the following alert: "Operating in maintenance mode. Go online."

When I click on that, I get "500 Internal Server Error" page.

How do I get out of maintenance mode?

Upgrade 7.34 to 7.35

Hi All and thanks for any advice or reference,
I am now having my site restored from a backup to 7.34 following a failed attempt to upgrade to 7.35. I did it manually and called myself following the exact instructions, except for the automated drush part. My upgrade was successful, BUT I no longer had any content and all my contributed modules were no longer enabled. All my prepped Views were gone...just the basic installation with ONLY the Admin user. Basically I:


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