MailChimp FAQ

Q: How do I create anonymous signup forms on the site as either a page or a block?
A: Head to this path admin/config/services/mailchimp/signup/add, fill out the form and click on “Block”, “Page”, or both Display Modes.

Node Gallery

I'm using Drupal 8. Struck with a simple requirement. I need to display 5-10 images on each node. Tried creating a new content type - Gallery and a viewblock to display on the node. If I am going to have N number of such nodes, keep on creating N number of viewsblock is impossible. Looking for suggestions to automate this!

Blank images in Zircon slideshow

On Drupal 8 / Zircon 8 theme I added a slideshow following the instructions on ttps://
Although the progress indicator(throbber) is working, the images are not visible.
Instead, in the banner above "undefined" is indicated.
Any idea what I'm missing ?

A new theme has broken drupal8

I purchased the Level+ theme and installed & set as default it but now my website is broken
"The website encountered an unexpected error. Please try again later."

How can i switch back to the previous bartik theme as i cannot login to admin. This says the value of 'system.theme' is in the table 'config' but which is the correct record to update as the 'data' column is also in a "blob".

Thanks for any help.

Detecting Chrome

I'm using Drupal 8 and wanted to know how I can tell within my module if the user is browsing with Chrome.


Node Create Variables


I want to create a node programmatically but it's not working with this code :


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