Drupal Book Recommendations

I'm planning on buying a book on drupal. I've looked on www.drupal.org/books. I'm tossing up between Learning Drupal 8 Nick Abbott et al, and Drupal 8 Development: Beginners Guide Neeraj et al. I have a programming background but am new to Drupal. Any opinions appreciated on these or other books, particularly from anyone who has these books.

Drupal 8 Release

Viewfield 8.x-3.x

The Viewfield module defines an entity reference field type to display a view. Viewfield enables an administrator or content author to integrate a views display into any fieldable entity, such as content, users or paragraphs. In addition, through the use of the Always use default value setting, the same view may automatically be placed into all entities in a bundle. Viewfield has considerable theming support, making it easy to customize presentation.

Prevent detecting on which version of Drupal web site is running

I developed Chrome extension that is fingerprinting Drupal websites.

If you going to secure exact version of Drupal engine
then use free extension https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/drupal-validate-check-ver/lafmafacfnblkahhfflblanbdmpkdoid

If the version is determined then you neew to hide everything that can let extension know the version and hide it.
I will be very appreciated if you can leave your feedback.

Direct access node content by alias

My Drupal system 8.2.6
I made a couple content and I want to access direct by alias like

But it will automatically redirect to example.com/index.php

So I want to directly access it by
Without visit homepage first

Importing/Exporting Content

I have a production site, which has a good amount of content posted to it (Videos, Audio files, etc.) and I am creating a new site which will replace the existing one, but I want to have (at least some of) the content from the existing site, on the new site. I've got the content TYPES, and views, etc. that I wanted exported, but is there an easy way of exporting the actual content itself (and the descriptions, etc.), and importing it to the new site, rather than having to manually re-upload all of the content to the new site?

REST API troubleshooting


Having trouble with the REST API.

I've tried to follow the directions in:


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