Calendar view from template empty

I am using D8.1.7 and created a Calendar view from template using the "From date" field
and when I look at the monthly calendar I get not results in the calendar
but if I copy the SQL created by the Calendar view monthly and run that SQL
inside MySql I get 4 records.

What can make that SQL work on command line but not work on the View itself?

print_r not working, among other things

Hello, I am new to drupal.
Trying to build my website when i stumbled upon a few problems. One of the being that the link field didn't provide me with everything I wanted.
So I looked things up and noticed that hooks could provide me with the problems. It seems easy enough to change (set the same Link text to the same kind of links (different url's)).
So I watched some tutorials, read stuff here and there.
So my first issue was now, What hook do I use to change it? And what fields and values do I need to change.

Birthdays module

I have upgraded my Drupal 6 website to Drupal 8.
The functionality I am still struggling with is the birthdays block, which I had in my Drupal 6 website.
The birthdays block is functionality from the birthdays module, which has not been ported to Drupal 8.
I still have the birthday field after upgrading to Drupal 8.
How can I list the upcoming birthdays for the next 2 weeks in a block?

Problem ajax button formElement FieldWidget Drupal 8

Hello everybody,

I developed a new type of field that contains :
- A select field
- Two text fields
- Button check with Ajax

This new type of field is used for multiple fields in a single content type.
So, we will have several check button in the same form.

My problem is that any check button Ajax point on the last item of the same field type. Although the id of the wrapper is automatically generated.

Extract source code:

Widgetfile .....

[D8] Flakey EventSubscriber!

I'm pretty sure this has to do with caching, either on the client side, or the server side (I am running Redis as a backend cache). But ...

I have a custom module I am writing, and have subscribed as follows:

Can I create a text field related to a radio button?

Fairly new to Drupal - this is my first site other than straight foward catalogue sites.

For a custom content type I have radio buttons enabling multi selections from a vocabularly.

For each button, I would like to have a text field (or possibly a select list) enabling notes to be added relating to that radio button.
Is this possible? If so can someone point me in the right direction.

Thanks in advance


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