Drupal 8: Mollie and Drupal Commerce

Anyone any idea if it is possible in Drupal 8 to incorporate Mollie payments in Drupal Commerce?

Drupal Commerce is installed and it is up and running.
Payment is installed and working
Mollie Payment is installed and working

But they do not work together - Commerce and Mollie. I think I need Payment for Drupal Commerce. Right?

Any help or suggestions are very welcome!

Thanks in advance!

Twitter style hashtags in WYSIWYG editor

Hello all!

Just hoping someone can point me in the direction of implementing Twitter style hashtags in the WYSIWYG editor.

It would autocomplete them and allow people to search based on them. Is there a module to do this?


How to modify parts position from a teaser?

Hello everyone,

I have just started "playing" with Drupal and I find it really great! Most of the functions are very intuitive and easy. However there is sometimes a point when it is necessary some help.

I have created a new content type. User must post some text through a form. Everythings works fine. But, on the teaser view of the page, the position of the links are before the body, what looks no good:

Teaser view

On the complete view of the post, everything looks fine:

How to check if views row image field is empty and add class if is

So i know i should do it using function template_preprocess_field. But not sure exactly how didnt used debug before. If anyone can please help :) Thanks in advanced.

Getting Taxonomy term field table name programattically

Hi All,

I want taxonomy term field table names programmatically.

Ive tried to find solution with Schema API as well as Vocabulary API, but Im not getting the term field names.


CSS and JS not aggregated, despite the setting

I'm not sure anymore, I think this worked in 8.0.x but now after finally upgrading to 8.2 I have this issue:

Despite having "aggregate CSS/JS" turned on in the performance config section, the CSS gets still referenced/loaded in individual small files and I have no idea what could be the reason

I created a theme based on classy and this is what I currently get (as anonymous user, not logged in)


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