Beginner support (for 8.x and more ...)

Hello, and thank you(before all) all of you!

I'm a (new) developper..6.x;7x;...symfony 2...for 3 years(quite short to me!)...
I'm not sure about what i'm able to do for the community(level or time), but i guess it's time to help!

Don't hesitate to contact me! Any advice (for me to help)?
I will always be glad to help the community!

(French is my favorite language as i'm french, nobody is perfect! ;))

C U !


(P.S: I hope general topic is the good place for this)

positions of regions in drupak8


i would like to know where the position of the logo, the regions and so are defined.
theres quite a lot information out there about drupal 8 and css, but its all very abstract.

for bartik, i would assume that the information of the logo placement is in


[solved] Drupal 8 returns to index.php when logging in as admin

Brand new install of Drupal 8 (drupal-8.0.0-beta11)
Brand new install of Ubuntu 15.04 - 64bit
Mysql - 5.6.24

Install; view site; log in as admin - now looking at /var/www/index.php

drupal installed to localhost/drupal
guess its either apache2.conf , or, .htaccess

any help please?

benefits of drupal

hi my friends
i am working .net mvc but i do not know why work with drupal.
what is benefits of using drupal???

Altering content output


I'm trying to alter the content output. Currently using the following method:

* Implements hook_preprocess().
function builder_preprocess_region(&$variables, $hook) {

$variables['content'] = Html::decodeEntities($markup);


But I still het encoded html in my page. How can I work around this?



I fixed this by changing to the hook_block_view_alter() function.

pre installation

Please, as someone who doesnt know about drupal, and want to learn to use it to build a website. How do I learn it very well? A sort of tutorial and videos. Thanks.


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