I am looking for a freely placeble/configurable button type...

Hello @all,
my name is Heinz and i am the new one...i am a complete newbie to Drupal (I am using Drupal 8 for things).
I have programming experience with c/c++ for some years and i started with PHP a while ago.
My problem is that i need a button-element which is configurable:
-Size(The caption will be of various length and width)
-Color(At least the background color should be adjustable)
-and it should be placeable freely in my content.

RESTful Web Services API

The RESTful Web Services API is new in Drupal 8.

Drupal 8 content type.

I am using the classy theme as a base theme for a theme I am developing in drupal 8.I have created a content type called events and configured some of the output field labels to be inline (e.g.g date). However these labels are being displayed above the field. I have looked at the twig debug output to find a class for both the label and the field, but all I get is a plain div with out any class.

Checking the twig debug output I see the following:

Serialization module: (de)serializing data to/from JSON & more

The Serialization module is included in Drupal 8 core.

It is built on top of the Symfony Serializer component.

The Serialization module provides a framework to add additional serialization formats simply by installing additional modules. Drupal 8 core's HAL module adds support for HAL+JSON, the CSV serialization contrib module adds CSV support.

How to create a module who is displaying data from database


All is in the title, I'm starting on drupal 8, and i have to create a module who is displaying data from a database (mysql), I don't know how to make a good structure, what functions i need etc.

I already did a module "Hello World" to undertsand D8.

Need help


View Reference possible in D8?


lets imagine we created a few articles of content type "News". So we created an own view for it with a display type "page" to see ALL news entries. But what if we could like to show a news ticker maybe on the startpage? I would create a new display type "embed" with a few settings (For example limit it to 5 entries).

Now it would be nice if I could use something like "Entity Reference" to reference to this already renderer embed view in other content types editor. Is that possible?


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