Output entity reference field value and url on twig

Is there a way I can output the link of an entity reference aside from displaying the label. I have an entity reference field that links to a page node content type. I'm trying to figure out how I can output the link.

Here is the sample of the code I've just created. It shows the label of the entity but it does not come with link.

I tried using `entity.uri.value` or just `entity.uri` to output the url

I can't import images with migrate source csv

Hello everyone,
I'm using the module migrate source csv to import a csv file.
I took a look at the page https://www.drupal.org/docs/8/modules/migrate-source-csv/using-the-migra... to understand how to use the module.
Here is my csv file:

Error during installing Drupal 8.3.5

I've tried Drupal 8 on both servers: the first one that I use shared hosting installing works fine, but the other one that I have is a dedicated server and the installing fails. I don't have any issue with Drupal 7.

I'm using Apache 2.4, PHP 5.6, MySQL 5.5.55.
When I check the website page, it directs to the /install.php page. After that I'm choosing the language, standard profile, successfully passing the "Verify requirements", filling the database details and after couple of seconds it displays:
"Page not found
The requested page could not be found."

Drupal 8 - Admin - Show only content for that role

I have a problem
In the Admin, even if you assign privileges to the roles, defining what contentypes they can manage and which not, when a person who only has access to 1 type of content, when accessing the ADMIN, sees ALL the contents.

Yes, only can edit the ones that I have defined in the privilege zone, but he can see all the contents

In addition, he can also FILTER for all types of content using contetype select dropdown in search zone

Running a Billion Dollar Business on Drupal Commerce

ZkungFu Dual-screen POS

ZKungFu is the largest directly operated Chinese-food chains in China, who mostly uses steam to prepare their food, claiming a healthier diet. This franchise takes customer orders from 600 physical branches in over 43 cities, 4 online third party food ordering sites, and the Chinese social network WeChat. In 2015, ZKungFu’s revenue reached 5 billion RMB (750 million USD). Furthermore, the operation of the business includes supply chain management, inventory management, daily store operation and corporate accounting.

upgrade to drupal 8

I have 2 Drupal 6 sites and two Drupal 7 sites and I want to upgrde to Drupal 8

I did some tests with migrate core module of Drupal 8 and I was shocked on how many tables were in database after migration.....
I would say over 200.....and my hosts has a limit of 1000 tables per account

is there any other way to upgrade.....without being overinflated with extra tables?

is there a module out that can help?


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