unable to select "migrate ui" module

Trying to migrate from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 and as per the instructions I need to have the "migrate ui" module enabled, but I just simply can not enable it. I can not tick that option. Please advise.


Send an email to the users when new comment is added

I want to send an email to all the users who have commented on particular article (node). Lets say 5 users have commented on one of the article so when new comment has been added at that time email will be send to those 5 users. This will be the notification for them saying that new comment has been posted on that article.

So whenever new comment is posted, users (who have posted comment on that article) will receive an email.

is it possible using rules or any contributed module or custom code?

Looking for solution in Drupal 8. Any help would be appreciated.

Building a Rating System that also counts the number of Published articles

I want to build a system in drupal 8 that can give the user the ability to rate on comments (upvote n downvote) in counts.
I also want to count the number of published articles a user has. I have implemented a workflow using workbench but the counts have not been stored.

I am looking for some advice on some modules that i can use and maybe a solution for the above scenario. (Anything for Drupal 7 will also work)

how to connect drupal with mssql

Hello all,
I want to connect to a module in mssql and display information from the table.
I know I can do it through pdo, but how do it on drupal classes.

I have drupal installed on mysql.

I do not show the contents of my basic page or article

Hello, my english is not good but i have a problem in my visualization in my basic page, article or any content type that created.
I am use a theming custom, but each time I make a content type and save it does not see any of the fields and yes, I have configured the display manage well.
The problem is is related to html.html.twig or i should add other file type tiwg? Please help me.

webform multigroup. How?

Hello. Can I create unlimited groups in webform? For form of order, for example


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