Hook to execute code when a user clicks "Edit" on a node

I need to run some code when the user clicks Edit on a node to clear out some session variables.
Is there a hook for this?

I can't seem to find it!

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center- First Enterprise Sites to Launch on Drupal 8!

image of MSK homepage on tablet and mobile

The healthcare industry has become more and more competitive as patients adopt behaviors that are more traditionally associated with consumers. Healthcare systems are finding that their audience is demanding a streamlined digital experience, and healthcare providers at large are finding it necessary to urgently update their digital platforms to respond to this expectation and remain competitive.

Key modules/theme/distribution used: 

Need advice on Video (MP4/webm) solution. Best practice?

Hi there,

Been building my first site with Drupal and so far love it. I would like to get you opinion on video hosting platforms. Especially if you were to build a site where videos were structured based on categories / taxonomy.

Also, the site we are building has a lot of videos. Currently I am using Amazon S3 and play the videos using JW Player. But I wonder if JW Play has any real benefits? I can just use HTML5 to directly embed a video. The only benefit of JW player is that you can upgrade and have them serve ads which could generate revenue.

Drupal and SEO

We are looking to move to Drupal and one of the considerations is the on-page SEO. Any thoughts pointers please


I'm still somewhat new to all the command line stuff, so I can use some help sorting this one out.

When I attempt to do a "DRUSH UP" command, I get the following:

How do I use mathjax?

I have the module installed. How do I display math in an article? Are there any other modules I need?


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