Cannot login after installation as admin

Hello All!

I(and proberly a lot of you)(are) am very new to Drupal 8!

There is something wrong in my Drupal 8 installation with the Wampserver.

I installed everything. Everything works!
But after logging out as admin, i cannot login again. Very strange.
Has anyone an idea?

If i have to change something in a folder, please tell also in which directory i can find it.

Thanks in advance!

Kind regards,


Drupal 8 REST request returns only HTML - why?

I have tried the example in the documentation with Drupal 8.0 in beta12 as well as with the .dev-Package. I have enabled the modules (HAL,HTTP Basic Authentication, REST UI, RESTful Web Services and Serialization) and send the request via CURL and other HTTP REST clients to Drupal.

It is always returning HTML!.

The headers I am sending are OK, I checked that as well ("Accept: application/hal+json"). And I know the URL to access nodes has changed from /entity/node/... to /node.

base path not working

Hi! Friends
drupalSettings.path.basePath is not giving base path. anything wrong here?

Add a class based on machine name to all menus - menu.html.twig

Hi all,

I want Drupal to add a class to all menus on my site which corresponds to the machine name of the menu. For example, the machine name of my social media links menu is 'social', so I would like to add the class 'menu--social' to that.

I've tried a few ways of doing this but the following seemed like the most logical.

In menu.html.twig...

Upgrading from Beta11 to Beta12 is not possible

Downloaded Beta 12, as per the documentation (UPGRADE.txt), I removed all except /sites

Copied all Beta12 files, then went to site/drupal/update.php (update.php does not exists, but it seems to try to load).

Then I get the following:

Additional uncaught exception thrown while handling exception.


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