PATCH for updating content entities

User Entity Type

Updating the email and password

Here is an example using the hal_json format:

"pass":[{"existing":"existingSecretPass", "value": "myNewSuperSecretPass"}]

How to increase the quantity of words in the excerpt in the homepage


How to increase the quantity of words in the blog excerpts in the homepage? Displaying more words before the button "read more".



h1, h2, h3...

Hello guys,

I trying to use ... in my text, but without success.

How can I creat titles in drupal?


Url changed, duplicated content

Hello guys,

I changed my url editing the article, in the option "URL path settings", but the old address still active, "node/3", so I have duplicate content, how to fit it?

By the way, can I remove the "?q=" from the url? For example, "/?q=my-new-url" to just "/my-new-url"


New module: Code Server - limitless communication between sites

As it says on the Code Server project page ...

Allows limitless communication between Drupal sites.

Code Server provides a framework for calling PHP functions on a Drupal site from code running on a different Drupal site.

Drupal 8 Console

FYI: The latest version of Console works with Drupal 8 Beta14.


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