Drupal 8.0.0 released

Today we released Drupal 8.0.0, the first fully supported release of Drupal 8!

D8 - drupalSettings missing ajax key

Ajax does not work in forms. I'm using Ajax callbacks in a form and they were working fine until I moved a few things around in some template files. The drupalSettings variable is getting set and shows up when I view source, but the ajax key is missing and I can't for the life of me figure out why it's not getting called.

Things I've tried:

theme.info.yml has the follow dependencies:
- core/jquery
- core/drupalSettings
- core/drupal.ajax
- core/drupal

The library in the theme has those same dependencies.

Multiple domains for one Drupal 8 site - cache issues/absolut URLs


I have some problems getting my site configured correctly, when I have mulitple domains pointing to the same site.

In our setup, we have 2 sub-domains pointing to the Drupal 8 site, one that hits the frontend cache (Cloudfront) and one hitting the Apache server directly. This is done so we can run test against both the Frontend cache and directly against the Drupal site.

Hi ! how can i do this ?

Hello, i am newbie and just want to create my e-commerce website. (Printer services)

For understanding my needing, i think a picture can describe more easily and understandable my needing.

Please, understand that :

1 / 1 need 1 master category menu (without submenu) (it is the horizontal "Main Menu" (this MASTER MENU is always visible and don't change, when clic on a specific category A new menu appear for this category. (and the same for each category)

Custom code inside <body> in Drupal 8

Is there any way to output code from module to the inside of <body> in front page ?

Here is imaging of what I want to do:

Drupal 8: deinstallation of comment module failed - tables deleted but module status is 1


I just started a vanilla Drupal 8 project and installed it with standard installation profile. After I deinstalled comment module (together with a bunch of other modules) I get error indicating that the database tables are already deleted but the module remains with status 1 in the system. When I visit admin/modules the module is still active, when I visit admin/modules/uninstall, I get the following error:


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