Drupal to Drupal Migration

I am attempting to migrate hosts and am having issues migrating from one Drupal instance to another. I have a multi-site install. I am attempting to maintain the files/code as well as databases. I have transferred the files from the instance of Drupal from my old server to the new server. I have exported the databases via phpmyadmin and imported them back in with click. For some reason the homepages for my sites work but the internal pages do not. When i try to navigate to a page I get The requested URL was not found.

DRUPAL6-EOL is corrupt

Several years ago, our web developer quit, and we didn't replace him. Now I'm sitting on a Drupal 6 installation that I can't upgrade. After three failed manual attempts, I installed Drush (I've tried both 6 and 8). When I try to upgrade with Drush it tells me that drupal6-eol is corrupt. I found the place where it checks the MD5 hashes, and disabled that only to get more error messages about Drupal 6 being out of date. Then I tried installing Ubuntu 11.10, installing Drupal 6 from the repositories (had to modify my sources.list to point to the URL for EOL Ubuntu versions).

Upload et readfile() PHP


It is not possible to upload files since I changed machine.

In made it is very long then the file that is uploaded is 0 bytes.

When I look Drupal logs this is what we find such messages:

readfile(http://www.toto.com/sites/default/files/cl.doc): failed to open stream: Connection timed out dans /drupal/sites/all/themes/mytheme/views-view--dl-file.tpl.php à la ligne 22.

Site doesn't work anymore

Hi There,

Hope anyone can help me out here. My Drupal site all of a sudden doesn't work anymore. If I look at the log file I see the following.

Drupal 6 to 7 Migrate Custom Content Types using D2D Migrate Class Extensions to Map Fields

Hi All,

I'm still having an extremely difficult time migrating our Drupal 6 site to Drupal 7.

Tinymce looks strange when replacing themes

Hi ,

When replacing themes from bluemarine to others the content becomes small and on a different font.

How can I fix it ?



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