Not able to see posts on ( a forum made in Drupal)

Dear all,

Greetings everybody.

This is pertaining to the site ( a forum made in Drupal 6.34 ) . It is hosted on a VPS on

( Hostgator India ) .

Estimate migration use "Drupal 8 upgrade evaluation" module

Hello, everyone.
Who used module "Drupal 8 upgrade evaluation" for estimate migration from Drupal 6 to Drupal 8 or Drupal 7 to Drupal 8.
Please Share your experience with work of this module.

Existing Website

I'm currently in charge of updating a companies existing website. However, I am experiencing a few problems when attempting to update the website. These problems are:

  1. The website is extremely outdated and running Drupal 6.34 and I'm unsure how to update this
  2. I'm unsure as to where the previous developer stored the files for the website and how to access them in order to back them up
  3. I'm unsure as to where the database is stored 

Somebody please help as I have little to no prior Drupal experience. Thanks!

Drupal 6 and php 5.3

Hi everybody,

I run a website with Drupal 6 with integrated simplenews and php 5.2

My Provider wants to cancel php 5.2 for security reasons, so I created a copy of the website, and testet it under php 5.3

I get the warning:

Parameter 3 to simplenewsoverride_form_alter() expected to be a reference, value given in /var/web/mypath/webroot/includes/ on line 2976.

In simplenews there are some tabs missing, for example the "Add newsletter"-tab.

Has anybody an idea, what to do?

Thank you


Drupal ignores all CMS form submissions (page editing, admin, etc.)

After successfully using Drupal for years, suddenly (for about 10 days now) Drupal behaves as if it was in read-only mode:

After logging in as site admin, all attempts to edit any pages are being ignored and the form resets to the original state. Even the "preview" is not showing the newly edited parts of a page. The content always remains in its current state.

Trying to Restore DRUPAL - Need Advice!

Hi Everyone.  I need some advice  I need to restore a DRUPAL  Version 6.x site with the hopes of then upgrading it to Version 8.X. The original site was lost when the hosting provider went SUDDENLY without warning Out of Business, which happen at a real bad time.  If at all possible, I must restore this site or all the content would be lost, which would impact other projects  I have a local copy of the site that I think is pretty current (for the version) and I have a disk image from the original server of the website root, so I can get the uploaded files.  I also have backup database .SQL


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