Drupal 6 end-of-life announcement

On February 24th 2016, Drupal 6 will reach end of life and no longer be supported.

Upgrade D6 -> D7 user pictures (avatars) not preserved

Hi everyone,

I'm doing a testbed upgrade of my D6 forum site to D7. It's working pretty well except for the users' pictures (avatars), which are not showing. I'm not sure why, I verified that the filesystem path is the same and that it is readable/writable. Any other suggestions to help me figure this out?

Thanks a lot!

Unable to fetch any information about available new releases and updates.

Hi. Just noticed all my drupal sites are giving me this message "Unable to fetch any information about available new releases and updates.". That happens when I clickk the "check manually".

It's occurring on both D6 and D7 versions. I opened and clear the "cache_update, cache, sessions" table but nothing.

Do I need to add http://updates.drupal.org to /etc/hosts? Do you have an example?

Any ideas?

Thank you


Help with Boost Module

The Boost module is working on my regular Drupal pages, but I can't get it to work on any pages served with my Gallery2 bridge module. Please help, I have been tearing my hair out for days and weeks to figure this out, and I just can't see what I need to do to get this working. Here are some specifics on my Drupal environment that may help:

Block not appearing drupal 6.37

Hi everyone!

I was given this code:

<iframe frameborder="0" src="https://www.givengain.com/widget/en/campaign/12714/" width="400" height="400"></iframe>

to insert a widget onto our website using the block function, www.ikamvayouth.org on the left sidebar but it won't show.

Generated Accelerated Mobile Pages from Drupal


I want to convert the html to (Accelerated Mobile Page) amphtml of a drupal website. I found some options through google searching

  • Modify theme according to amp guidelines
  • Create drupal module which generates the amp pages

I am most interested in module approach, kindly give me some guidance how can i do that using module.
I am using Drupal Version 6.3.4.



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