admin has not been activated or is blocked.

I did something very stupid. I was blocking older users that never logged I have blocked also the admin access, becuase I am getting the message that is not activated.
Can somebody help me, please. I am feeling a little nervous :-/

Found the solution


Aweber or Mailchimp with Drupal 6 Ubercart 2 shop ?

Aweber or Mailchimp with Drupal 6 Ubercart 2 shop ?


Which service do you use or would you use on a Drupal 6 Ubercart 2 shop ?

Aweber or Mailchimp ?

Thank you if you also give me some reasons why choosing one rather than the other one.

Aegir - Moderately Critical - Code Execution Prevention - SA-CONTRIB-2015-113

Web Links - Less Critical - Cross Site Scripting (XSS) - SA-CONTRIB-2015-110

Upgrade from 6 to 7 or do a clean install?


A client has a fairly large Drupal 6 site with a couple of thousand users. We're overhauling the site entirely (new design, new functionality). I'm wondering what the best approach would be.

  • Should I upgrade the current Drupal 6 installation to Drupal 7?
  • Should I do a clean install of Drupal 7, all new modules etc. then import users and nodes?

Just trying to make my life as easy as possible, thanks in advance!

jquery issue with pre-order buttons


I've got a weird issue with one of my drupal 6 sites.

When you load a product page the orange Pre-order and Add to Cart buttons flash on the page before jquery hides one of them.

Can any one point me in the direction to make it so that jquery does its work before the page is displayed so that the user doesn't get the weird flashing thing happening?

Have a look at one of the pages (and code source) here:


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