D6: Outputting additional HTML with CCK field data?

In Drupal 6, I want to customise some CCK field data with some added HTML, but am not sure of the best/easiest way to do this. I couldn't find a CCK module to do this.

For example, I want to enter a URL (which is stored in the field), and then when it is displayed, it is embedded in some HTML. eg.

CCK Field data: filename.jpg

Output HTML: <div id="uniqueid"><img src="http://example.com/{{CCK Field data}}" title="Text"><br />Picture</div>

File Uploads via Poll Submission

Hi all,

I'm new to Drupal and working on websites in general, so thanks for having a little patience.

I'm trying to create a poll where users can submit files by uploading them when they fill out the poll, but I'm having a lot of trouble creating an "Upload File" field in the poll itself.

I can modify the content type so that when someone is creating a poll, they can upload a file to accompany it, but I want the people filling out a poll that's already been created to be able to upload a file, and I'm not sure how to do that.

Thanks for suggestions!

how to add php member methods to own node type (own class)


i have an own node type holding some data. For reasons of clean code i want to implement a class representing this node type. in this class i want to implement private and public methods.

How can i do this ?

the node_load hook only produces an object with some additional data of my node type. Do i have simply create a class and have to load the set the right member variables in node_load hook ? and then use my class via phpdoc ?

Give me some hints please ;)

T function and hook_block in Drupal 6

I am using hook_block in Drupal 6 for most of the display of my module. However, I can't seem to get the t function to work. Is there something special I need to do to get translations from a linguist displayed in hook_block?

Bug report for Date and/or views module or maybe Drupal?


I am having a new and very strange problem on my drupal site related to the date and/or views modules or perhaps drupal itself and I wonder if a recent update might have introduced a bug because nothing changed on my end.

I have a drupal 6 installation customized to act as an employee training database among other things.

Employees have accounts on the website and user profiles, user profiles contain training completion dates (using the dates module).

There is also a "position" node type that make reference to the employee's user profile.

Rule for site off-line

Hello everyone, how can I create a rule that tells me if my website is off-line?
Thank You


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