toolbar-menubar Element ID in Thunderbird?

How do I use DOM inspector to find out the CSS related to mail toolbar?

please help.


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Upgrading a drupal 6 module to drupal 7

I'm working with a client that had a custom module built for them using Drupal 6 and they are considering an upgrade to Drupal 7. That module, which is the main functionality of their site, does not have test associated with it. Would you think it wise to upgrade the module the Drupal 7, given that I don't have these tests and would not be able to know if every piece of functionality is working after the conversion? Also, the original developer can't be reached, so that's out of the question.

Thanks much!

How to deal with database data when debugging a local site

I'm working on a client's Drupal site and I'll be downloading it to my computer to debug it. I'll be importing a copy of the database with their data, and am wondering if I should do something with this. On the one hand, I could just delete all the info in the tables, but it may take quite a bit of time to add some dummy data, especially in the case of foreign keys, etc.

Is it standard practice to keep the client's data on my computer to use for debugging or is there some other process for this?

Thanks much for all your help!

Need arguments for choosing drupal, both for huge and small site

I discover Drupal from 1 year now (with the 8), and it's rock, but i need some arguments to use it in some projects.

First for the small one.
One year ago i start using it for small website, most of them was some restaurants. There is only 4 or 5pages for each of them, but i founded the content system with the views system perfect for manage the content of there menu card, and easy to deploy using the multisite way.

Get value of webform select option

I'm writing some custom code and I need to translate the selected option from a webform submission on a select component to the nice value.

For example my select options are something like:
test|This is a test
demo|This is a demo
real|This is real

When I look at the webform submission the value for the component is understandably "demo" not "This is a demo". Is there any functions I can use to do this translation or do I need to do my own processing of the webform component options.

Testing the three versions of Drupal

I tested for speed three version of Drupal: 6, 7 and 8.

Environment for testing:


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