Upgrade D6 to D8 with Feeds. We can.

I`d like to share this. I did it... And now not sure if I really need Drupal8 (figure out why).

Here is just some basics. You will make your changes according to your site content and ctructure.

1. Upgrade your D6 to latest version - drupal 6.38 24 Feb 2016 https://ftp.drupal.org/files/projects/drupal-6.38.tar.gz.

Restore old drupal (v6) site into subdomain [SOLVED]


few years ago I had a drupal 6 website which I'd like to restore now.

I think I have all the necessary backups (full db backup generated from phpmyadmin + full website backup generated with backup and migrate module), but even if the import processes seem to complete fine (I tried both in different clean installations) I never get any content to show up.

The website was originally in mydomain.eu it is now installed in subdomain.mydomain.eu (the db name has changed form the original one).

Recovering a Drupal 6 site?

So, we had a site still on Drupal 6 that I had been meaning to get around to updating, and the hard drive failed irrecoverably. The good news, is I had backups, pg_dumps and zips of the entire /var/www folder, so I have the data.

The problem is now what? I've been trying to restore the site the way it was, but that was Ubuntu 14.04, Apache 2.2, PHP 5.5 and Postgres...2, I think, and finding the files has been a challenge. Should I just try upgrading blind? Should I redouble my efforts to reproduce the system? Should I just give up and build a new site?

Dashboard page not found error in drupal 6.26


when i run http://localhost:81/eshopy1/admin/dashboard i am getting

Welcome to the administration section. Here you may control how your site functions.

The requested page could not be found.

my dashboard is not displayed.

please anyone help me.



A Converting Question...sort of

Not sure where else to post this.  I am converting a large Drupal/Ubercart site from
D6 to D7, then eventually to D8 if able.

I am not a Drupal/PHP/MySql novice, but the question may seem novice.  In D6 verson of Ubercart, what table makes the association between product nids and image fids?

module_menu not working

I am following Community Documentation

Creating modules - a tutorial: Drupal 6.x

please check this tutorial link https://www.drupal.org/node/206764

my module is products and i implemented products_all() same as in tutorial.

function that will generate a page with links products_all raising

You don't have permission to access /eshopy1/products/ on this server. error.


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