How to create a new page with out navigation bar at the right side in Drupal 6.30

i have a website built using drupal 6.30. When i click every menu in the navigation bar, the sidebar at the right side gets visible by default. Now i had created a new page called Map( When i click Map, i should not get the sidebar at the right visible in the page. How should i configure it. Any help would be appreciated.

Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 migration - field table missing


Recently I have done a Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 migration using Migrate and Migrate_d2d module. After migration all other data migrated to Drupal 7 except two fields in a content type.

When I check the database backend I can see that field table is created only for one field. But there is no data in that table. Anyone please tell me there is anyway to migrate only the two field contents.

I have added the missed table from Drupal backend. but how I can retrieve the data from Drupal 6.

Following is My doubts:-

Need suggestions/advice on upgrading a Drupal 6 site to Drupal 8

Just joined I could use some advice/suggestions. Here's my story...

My wife has a Drupal 6 website that I built for her back in 2011. She has used it consistently over the years since then, but Drupal was never updated. I came down with serious health problems that made that out of the question, and she had neither the time nor skills to do it herself.

Changes to a user account lost when he login


i change user's e-mail and password for one particular user account (not admin), i navigate to other drupal sub-page and then back to this user editting and i see changes was saved.

When i open different web browser and login to that user account, switch back to my browser where i have admin account open, i see my changes was lost.

The Canadian Museum of Flight

homepage screen shot of the Canadian Museum of Flight

Acro Media partnered with the Canadian Museum of Flight to help them soar, namely, to provide a website that shows and tells captivating stories in national aviation history—sparking visitors' interest, engrossing them with aviation lore, and engaging them in the wonder of flight.

module created - unable to enable

so my new module is in the list but I am unable to enable it, please help



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