Reorder child page in site building guide (SOLVED)

The #drupal irc seems rather unhelpful these days.

I'm working some pages for my module in the "Contributed modules" section of the "Site Building Guide." I'd like to rearrange the child pages to a more logical order. I can't find any way to do it.

I'm starting to suspect that it isn't possible unless you have permission to edit the whole book. Can this really be true? I see several references to other contributed modules that would let you do that, but those apparently aren't enabled for Site Building Guide.

Suggestions, anyone?

Custom menu with drupal_get_form plus form_alter_hook


I'm working in Drupal 6 to create a custom module. I have a menu that creates some custom URLs and tabs for me, and each item runs a page callback function, which itself runs drupal_get_form.

What I'm observing is that this process does not run mymodule_form_name_alter. While this makes sense, I'd like to achieve both of these ends.

Here's some of what I currently have:

Installation of CKEditor and CKEditor vs. WYSIWYG

Below is some clarification for users to help understand what goes where as there are similar folder names for different items AND some clarification of using the CKEditor module vs. the WYSIWYG module with CKEditor set as the editor, as there has been confusion for years and just wanted to do my part in trying to let people keep some of the hair on their head:

Duplicate Meta Data

Could anyone tell me why I keep getting double meta tags on individual product pages?

I need to turn one off but can't figure out where or how. Thanks

See screenshot example

Visual Shortcodes

Does anyone know of a standalone Visual Shortcodes module that will allow editors you to visually pick and modify a shortcode. I bought a theme that incorporates this feature into the theme, but I would like to just have that feature. An example is here
This one is also similar

Failed to open stream from (looking for a hook in theme) that does not exist

I am getting the following error on a Drupal 6.9

include(./sites/all/themes/myTheme/webform-form-713.tpl.php) [<a href='function.include'>function.include</a>]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /opt/drupal/mySite/includes/ on line 1079.

Looking at this error it appears the is trying to open a file that does not exist in my theme. If I look in my theme, this file does not exist. I am guessing at one time it may have existed.


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