Upgrade or start fresh?

I have a fairly large subscription based site (http://thehappyscientist.com) that is currently running Drupal 6. I want to upgrade to Drupal 7, and at the same time, I want to rebuild much of the site. Over the past seven years, the site has changed, and many of the pages are out of date, old formats, old content types, etc. This seems like a good time to do some house cleaning.

Facebook style calling out user by posting @user

I'm probably too much on facebook but there's one nice feature where you can call out your friend by posting @John Doe in the comments or post and then he gets notification, is there any module that would provide something similar in drupal?

Corolla color configuration - extra variables

I have corolla sub-theme with color profile configured in /sub-theme_folder/color/colors.inc
Now I would like to allow administrator to change colors of h1,h2,h3,... so I would like to create variables for each of heading styles.
Additionally I have multi-site configuration with auto-generating colors.css files after theme re-save in /sites/site_a/color/auto-generated-folder/colors.css which override standard colors.css from template.

Want to optimize drupal based responsive site

Hi, my drupal based site is using javascript/jquery for the responsive site for mobiles/tablets.

I want to optimize this as mobile load speed is slow and people are complaining.

I found the following on drupal.org:

(Advanced CSS/JS Aggregation)

Would this module help in speeding my mobile site load speed? What else can I do to optimize this site? Thanks as always,


Best way to 301 re-direct 400 of my 1000 websites pages?

I want to fix the silo structure of my websites urls to make them more seo friendly.

This will involve 301 re-directing about 400 existing pages to 400 new pages i'll be creating with better seo friendly urls. I will also be setting the canonical urls of the old pages to point to the new ones.

What's the best plugin to create so many 301 re-directs?

Advanced help

The Advanced help module is part of Drupal's Help system. It provides a framework that allows module and theme developers integrate help texts in a Drupal site, as well as exposing help to site administrators through the adminstrative interface.


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