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Drupal with IIs and Windows

I have an Amazon AWS Server with Windows Server 2008 running IIS.
I have installed Drupal and cannot connect to the SQL Server 2008.

The SQL Server is properly installed and using the default port.
It is set up with Windows and Server Authentication.

I have even set up a further admin to attempt to connect from Drupal.

All the usual has been done - created the database, checked the permissions etc. and restared SQL Server on several occassions.

Help - set Drupal Temporary directory to ..\ and now I get Forbidden on every site on my webserver :(

Hi - I made a silly mistake and as soon as I clicked save both of my sites now say the following - on every page

You don't have permission to access /FOLDER/ on this server.

What did I do to allow myself such a hefty facepalm?

I uploaded a site from Acquia Stack - I made all the right changes and got the site online, I checked the status report within Drupal and it told me my temporary directory was set to c:\windows\temp so without thinking I changed it to ..\

Then clicked save :(

Drupal 8 issues with

Hello community!
(i hope this is the right place for my question)

I would love to test drupal 8, but after multiple installations i always get the same issue.

to get it running i needed to hashtag this in the htaccess file:
#Options -Indexes
#Options +FollowSymLinks

# php_flag session.auto_start off
# php_value mbstring.http_input pass
# php_value mbstring.http_output pass
# php_flag mbstring.encoding_translation off

video transcoding problem

I am using drupal 7 and I m trying to install and configure video module. I m using zencoder for the same. I enabled zencoder API. However it says "video transcoding (some setup required)". Can anyone please tell me what can I do for this??


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