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Installing Drupal
Installing Modules and Themes

Installing Drupal white screen after DB configuration stage

Hi, I am tryting to install drupal correctly already the second day in a row but no luck yet :) My configuration:
Ubuntu 14.04, Apache 2.4.7, php5.5.9, mysql 5.5.41

Redirect users when they go to base url

I have a site which has authenticated pages and anon pages. using access control module to manage them.

With auth users, upon login, they are taken to "www.williamsoneliss.com/lasertagform", but if they remove the "lasertagforum" portion of the url, they can get to the public/anonymous users homepage.

Newbie Help

Hello Drupal Community I am completely new to Drupal it is my first development tool hopefully im saying that right?.

My brother has tasked me with making a company website using drupal and i have started working but i have come across many problems that i cant explain. Some self study I have used so far is Drupal for dummies and watching Youtube video level up tuts and various LA drupal con Videos.

I first started downloaded a theme then adding the appropriate pages. I had started download modules trying to get certain things to work.

Managing Drupal 8 With Composer

I am very new to Drupal (sorry if my questions are stupid) but not at all new to Composer management. I am trying to understand how to manage a Drupal 8 install through composer. To my understanding these steps are taken before install:

  1. Change the autoloader to load /vendor/autoload.php instead of /core/vendor/autoload.php
  2. Run composer install

The problem I see is the packages for drupal/core are duplicated in /vendor as well as /core/vendor

Drupal Commerce share customers between two sites

I'm buiding a chinese take away e-commerce website with commerce, I'm almost getting what I was asked to do. Note that I'm not using Commerce KickStart profile.

The same client asked me to build the same (except for theme) for selling pizzas with the capability to share customers/users between the two sites (I suspect they will then ask for a third site...).

I had a look at multisite install but I must say I got confused.

Any suggestion would be welcome !


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