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Installation Error during "Site Information"

I'm on Day #1 of learning Drupal and looking forward to getting into the guts of development. But during the desktop install I get the error "Fatal error: Call to undefined function field_attach_load() in C:\Users\JCross\Sites\devdesktop\drupal-7.38\includes\entity.inc on line 354" during the SITE INFORMATION page.

Any ideas??


NOTE: I'm starting from scratch on the install and getting new problems - no need to answer this question for now.

Installation - HTTP 500 Internal server error


I have a problem with the Drupal 6 installation.

Version Apache : Apache/2.2.22
Version MySQL : mysql Ver 14.14 Distrib 5.5.28
Version PHP 5.2.17

I try to install Drupal as usual (copy default.settings.php -> settings.php...).
Then I go to "http://localhost" with my browser to set up the installation.
But at the database configuration, when I confirm my settings, I have the HTTP 500 Internal server error.

Crate tables with specific collation

It is possible to install Drupal 7 created in the database tables with collation others than utf8_general_ci? (specifically I needed utf8_czech_ci).
If so, where do I set this?
Thanks so much for the info

Copied Drupal Install to New Server, MYSql Problem Connecting, Not Authorizing

I copied a drupal 7.34 install over to a new server. The host required a prefix to my database and username, so I changed settings.php to reflect the new information. Upon visiting the website, I get a MYSql PDO exception where it's denying access to the old mysql username from the previous install. This is not the new username now in settings.php.

Installation. database

Hello. Can anyone help with Drupal install on a free server and connected database?


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