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Drupal 7.42 Clean Url doesnt work with Godaddy


I just put my website in production with godaddy and the clean urls does not work. I tried the forums and to uncode the #RewriteBase / line but it seems not working.
I talked to godaddy support and the rewrite module for appache is not enabled because of my Deluxe Linux hosting plan.

Someone have an idea ? I have to put all in the .htaccess.

Here is my .htaccess :

# Apache/PHP/Drupal settings:

# Protect files and directories from prying eyes.

Order allow,deny

Installation issue w/ Acquia Desktop 2

Hi there,

I'm new in Drupal and I hope I'm right posting my problem here.

So yeah, I installed Acquia Desktop 2 yesterday and everything went fine until I clicked on "starting a new site from scratch". During the installation, it just stopped with this error message : "cannot write file - C:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts"

I tried everything I could find since then (executing Acquia as admin, removing read only option, changing owner settings of the folders,..) and nothing worked. Maybe someone here could help me?

Thank you in advance!

multi-site configuration: put content form one site to a other.

Hoy di ho!

I 'm new in Drupal and i hop I'm in the right section: In a multi-site configuration, Could I put content form one site to a other?

I choose to configure a project with a multi-site configuration, because I've different part with there own theme, functionality and content type (this are the main requirement of the project). Not sure yet but they'll have some different hostName.

How to create Multiple Sites on a single code-base with Drupal 8

Two years ago I used Drupal 7 to successfully created a Development (Localhost) Multi-Site on Linux Mint and used to test Modules including Ubercart..

I now use Debian and I am trying to create a similar site using Drupal 8. The multi-site requirements appear to have been much simplified in Drupal 8 but my first attempt to set it up has not been successful.

Fatal Error druing installaion of Drupal 8


I am getting following error after entering database configuration and click "Save & Continue".

Fatal error: Interface 'Drupal\Core\Entity\Schema\DynamicallyFieldableEntityStorageSchemaInterface' not found in G:\xampp\htdocs\drupal8\core\lib\Drupal\Core\Entity\Sql\SqlContentEntityStorage.php on line 44

I am using :

XAMPP with PHP Version 5.6.15
Windows 10 OS

Thank you.


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