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Drupal exhibiting odd behavior on my website

A couple of days ago, I posted this to the ugprading drupal forum. I haven't received a response there, and I was curious if that might be the wrong topic for it.
I'll post a link here.
Sorry if reposting like this is not polite here (this is the firt time I have posted to drupals forums).

Problem installing Drupal 8.1.6


I 'm trying to install drupal 8.1.6 on windows with IIS and sqlsrv driver, but after that income data connection to the database the installation does not continuous and the server responds "localhost does not work". Previously it had already installed drupal 8.0.2 and worked well but with some bugs .

Thanks for the help.

PD: Sorry for my english xD

Access denied to admin

Hi. I need help. It turns out I installed drupal 7 Acquia . During the installation process introduced as a different user name to admin, admin without knowing it was so important. Therefore not exist in my database with no user admin Id 1 in the users table. The fact is that I now logged out of my drupal and more can no longer access my site administration. And therefore I can not access the modules, content , login ...
Any suggestions ?

Thanks you

Installation of Drupal 8.1.6 fails - unmet dependencies

Hi, I'm failing in installing Drupal 8.1.6 on a Ubuntu machine (Apache/2.4.7, Php5.5.9). The installation was started after just downloading the tar.gz from ftp.drupal.org

Planning to spend this site to Drupal

Hello greetings.

It is my first post and good I love this website go to Drupal, leave the link > [LINK REMOVED]


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