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themes not recognised

I Have just installed my first Drupal site ever (version 8.2.1) following a manual procedure.
I'm on a shared server.
The problem is that themes are not recognised at all.
I have checked file permissions and they look OK.
Also, It seems strange that I cannot deactivate modules in the admin panel.
The site now looks like this.
Pls help me check what can be the reason.

Is there a sample or demo data for D7 or D8?

Hello, forgive me for asking something silly. I seem to remember installing Drupal with some sample data or demo data which contained some content, menus etc. but cannot find anything at all like that.

I have no issues installing D7 or D8, but it then has nothing to show. I purchased a template and it needs to have the sample data before installing and cannot figure it out.

Any ideas or pointers will be appreciated.



Can I install Drupal 6.28 because I am unable to install it.

I have a website in drupal 6.28. The owner of the website doesn't want to upgrade it. I am changing its hosting to another server. I have tried several times but when i type database name and username, password and click the button it wont generate any error and just refresh the page. The database name, username and password are empty. I repeat the process but again it refresh the page and there is no error.
Can anybody tell me what is the problem and what can be the solution.

Acquia devdesktop drupal 8 error

I installed acquia devdesktop. I can run drupal 7 and commerce kickstart without any problems but when I try to make a drupal 8 website, I get following error:

Tips for installing drupal 8 for beginners


Some tips that will help beginners ( like me ) with installing drupal 8.

Followed this link;

You need to nano /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf


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