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Installing Drupal
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a mistake at step 'Install site'

Help me please. When you install drupal-8.2.5 such a mistake at step 'Install site'

D8 install using composer required about 1GB php ram !!!!!

In order to run the following composer utility command to install Drupal 8, it is necessary to increase available PHP memory to nearly 1GB of memory!!!!!

composer create-project drupalcommerce/project-base mysitedir --stability dev

Installation Dies Midway through Database Write to SQL Server 2014

A project I am working on is being migrated to a new infrastructure. We are currently set up using the Drupal Docs recommended Linux->MariaDB setup with no problems. However, due to business needs, we are needed to migrate, and the only place to go is to a SQL Server database.

Although it is a migration, I started with just Drupal 7.53 Core to install the database.

My first piece of documentation is http://www.easysoft.com/support/kb/kb01071.html.

How to install mediawiki on a subfolder in Drupal 8 installation?

I have installed Drupal 8 on my example.com website. I want to install mediawiki on a subfolder called example.com/mediawiki. When I try to access example.com/mediawiki it is giving 403 forbidden error. I guess it is because of the rules in .htaccess . How can I fix it so that only example.com/mediawiki is accessible an Mediawiki can be safely installed there? Someone suggested me deleting .htaccess file. But that exposed whole Drupal files to external threats.

Installing Drupal on University Space

My university offer their server where we can put things online using our own domain (cs1.ucc.ie/~(studentid)) It has the folder public_html but how do I install Drupal on it?
Sorry if the question is fairly basic.
Would appreciate a response!


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