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Anyone sucessfully installed Drupal 7.39 on IXWebhosting ?

Two errors :
PHP register globals Enabled ('1')

Unicode library Error

Tried almost all solutions on web, none success including php.ini and .htaccess method.

Do I have a virus or am I under attack?

I keep a server on AWS
I have a computer with Multi site setup
I initially installed a regular Drupal and added subdirectories under …/sites/ with name of the domain such as “sample.com” I keep installing web sites in the same way and until now everything went OK.
Last few days I tried to install additional sites and came across a message (warning ) of something in line 1 of setting.php

Backup and Migrate to move site

I installed drupal within a subdirectory (not at the root), and now I want to move it to the root. I've enabled Backup and Migrate, but the restore option only seems to restore to the place I backed it up from. What am I missing? It's not called Backup and Restore. The name implies that it can allow the site to migrate, but I need help. I've watched videos, read the documentation, yet nothing mentions the setting that points to the new home (migrate to option). Thanks for any tips!

blank admin pages after update

Updated a site to 7.37 and now I'm getting blank pages on admin pages. Status report is fine, no errors (/admin/reports/status). If I go to /admin/modules I get a blank page. If I try to add content (/node/add) the page loads fine however if I choose basic page (/node/add/page) I get a blank page. Any ideas what went wrong?

Drupal 7.39 Installation ERROR on localhost

An AJAX H1'I'P error occurred. H1'I'P Result Code: 200 Debugging information
follows. Path: http:¡¡localhostídp¡instalI.php?profiIe=standard&locale=en&
id=l&op=do StatusText: OK ResponseText: Fatal error: Maximum execution
Choose profile time of 30 seconds exceeded in C:\xamp\htdocs\dp\includes\database\database.inc on line 2171


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