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Drupal 8 on HostGator

Does anyone have Drupal 8 running on HostGator? While their installer shows Drupal 8, it fails on install and their support group told me they don't yet support it, although they didn't have any specifics as to why.

I have D8 sites on GoDaddy, and they install and run just fine, but this client is on HostGator.....

I'm hoping someone has installed D8 on their HostGator-hosted site and can give me details on how they did this.

Thanks in advance!

Problem after transfer to a new server


I changed my server yesterday, I transferred my drupal site to the new server.

After a first error ".htaccess: Option FollowSymLinks not allowed here"
I managed to solve it via virtualmin ^^

Sheetnode module phpexcel error

I have installed drupal 7.50 and sheetnode in order to upload .xlsx ;.xls google sheets files. I have followed all installation steps as described here: Sheetnode installation

but i recive an error while I'm trying to upload any of these three types of files:

Drupal on Windows 7 with MS SQL, possible?

Is it possible to install Drupal on Windows 7 with MS SQL?

Restoring old Drupal site


I set up a basic Drupal site the best part of ten years ago. It was just for my own use, basically as a front end for a few catalogue type databases. I updated the page a little along the way, but not too much as it was serving my purposes well. About 12 months ago, I rebuilt the server it was running on, but didn't worry too much about the drupal site at the time, as I wasn't really using it. I did however, back up the files and the mysql db.


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