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Clean URLs Disabled Warning

I'm attempting to (re)install drupal 8.2.6 on Ubuntu Server 16.04.2 LAMP.

On the Drupal requirements review page I'm getting a warning:

Clean URLs Disabled.

Which is strange because I didn't have this problem with my previous installation on same server.

Anyway, I followed the link and essentially went on a wild goose chase of vague unclear documentation trying various suggestions with no success so far.

How can configure the system to remove the Clean URLs Disabled warning?

OPcode caching not recognized during Drupal 8 installation

I am trying to install Drupal 8.2.6 on a shared hosting server.
I am being confronted with the message "PHP OPcode caching: Not enabled" on the requirements review screen.
However, OPcode caching IS enabled - my phpinfo.php file tells me so. Also, files are being cached in the .opcache-folder I created on the webspace. But Drupal fails to recognize this.
Might there be a problem/bug with the installation script in Drupal that just fails to recognize these settings in my environment?
Thanks for any help!

installation drupal 8.2.6 loops

Starting the installation of drupal 8.2.6 it starts with a screen in which I have choosen for 'standard' profile.
Saving this, I can choose for a language, saving this as well, the installation flips back to the choice for the profile (which I have already done). Iwould have expected the installation-procedure to continue with verifying the requirements. What went wrong?

Trouble migrating site to BlueHost

I've been trying to migrate a site to BlueHost for ages now.

I finally figured it out last night but I made a couple of errors and wanted to start fresh today, confident that I knew how to reinstall without issue.

Unfortunately I'm an idiot for thinking that, because the fresh install is once again not working, and I'm back to square one.

The only way I could get any sort of install to work was by using their "One-Click Install" through Mojo. I obviously would prefer not to do this, but it was the only way I could find to get anything to work somewhat properly.

Drupal 8 in load balancing with Apache mod_proxy return Error 302

Hallo Community, we are experiencing a blocking issue creating a Drupal 8 installation in load balancing using Apache mod_proxy. We are running a front end running Apache 2.4.10, Debian Linux 8: on it mod_proxy behaves as a Reverse Proxy and forward request to two different machines, same Debian Linux and Apache version. The two installations share the file system accessing an NFS share in another machine on the same subnet.
The Drupal version running is 8.2.3- 2016.11.16, Php version is Php 5.6.292.
We have registered a domain that point to the load balancing engine.


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