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Installing Drupal
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XAMPP and latest Bitnami Drupal Module


I installed XAMPP v3.2.2 to my Windows 10 machine.

And following all the installations successfully.

I got error msg below after open /localhost/drupal/:

Installing drupal 8.3.4 on debian 9

Hi everybody,

I try to install drupal 8 to test it out, everything seems to run as intented, but at the end with the installation is done, no page are available. Every page i try to request returns me a 404 error. I check that the db was available that the settings.php was correctly set. Everything seemed normal. Any suggestions what procedure should i use to debug this issue ?


Fatal error Druapl 7.x

I am preparing my computer to use one website on local. I have all ready, all works good, but when i put the name of the website on Google Chrome (all in local), appears this message:

Fatal error: Unsupported operand types in /xxxxxx/xxxxxxx/XXXXX/modules/field/field.info.class.inc on line 512

Delete / Remove a project from drupal account

I have uploaded 3 projects in my Drupal account but now i don't want those three projects in my drupal account anymore.

I couldn't get any solution for this. Please help me out to find out the solution for deleting my projects.

The directory sites/default/files is not writable?


I am newbie to Drupal and trying to install it on Gentoo/Linux with nginx web server.

However installer found an error of  "Requirements problem" - "The directory sites/default/files is not writable."

Please inform how to grant permissions to web server?

If any additional information is needed please let me know.


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