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Installing Drupal
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Database access denied during installation. Help. I am in the middle of Drupal installation.

Hello Guys. I am new to developing but I have been learning a lot of stuff for over a year now. Time has come that I should have a CMS set up on my laptop which is running Ubuntu 14.04.

I have followed an online guide at http://www.liberiangeek.net/2014/08/install-drupal-ubuntu-14-04/ to help me install Drupal

1. I had LAMP installed a few months ago. This guide helped me create a database in mysql by the name of drupaldb

How to deploy Drupal 7 on IIS with SQL SERVER 2008 R2

We are trying to deploy DRUPAL 7 on IIS with SQL SERVER 2008 R2. We are able to configure deploy the app on IIS but we are unable to configure SQL SERVER 2008 R2. By default it is showing MYSQL and SQL Lite.

We followed steps given in the DRUPAL Site to configire SQL Server 2008 R2. https://www.drupal.org/node/1207972. Refered this link and downloaded the files and copied in the respective folders but we are getting blank screen when we select configure database section.


Can we use Drupal 8 For production usage on IIS

Can we use drupal 8 for procution usage on IIS. we will use SQL SERVER 2008 R2 as Back end. Please provide if there is any challenges to be faced


how to clone Drupal website from Acquia cloud to localhost using Git

I am trying to Clone a website from Acquia Cloud to my localhost using Git.

I have managed to Clone files from Acquia Cloud using Git Extension but now I am not sure what to do to access website on localhost ?

How should I update database ?

And will this be URL of my local website localhost/drupal/docroot/ ?

These questions might be of very basic level but I am very new to Drupal so need help from community.

Drupal Installation

Error Message when installing Drupal


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