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Installing Drupal
Installing Modules and Themes

Install Durpal

drupal is framework PHP.  Mainly it is used for core PHP development and ts bit tough than WordPress.To download it go to QuickBooks online support.

Drupal 8 multi language with domain/language (.com,.fr,.de)


I'm having issues setting up a multi language site that uses URL detection (domain) when switching language.

So what I want to build is one site with different languages

main (english) would be example.com but then switching language to germany I'd use example.de, french example.fr etc.

I've been able to set it correct it uses the domains, BUT if the user is logged in and switches language the session drops (user logout).

One could think this would be a common use case, but I've only found stuff related to subdomains etc. 

Choosing a setup (gulp, compass, bootstrap?)

I’m starting work on a Drupal 8 site and I’m weighing different setup strategies, so I was wondering what people are finding to be their preferred method, especially when creating a new, custom theme. 

Reading various tutorials, help pages, and the Drupal website, I see that Compass is likely the way to go with initial install, but aside from that, there seem to be many strategies. 

DateTime::createFromFormat warning

Hi guys, I am new to the Drupal. It is a great CMS btw.

In a fresh installation of Drupal 8.5.1 on a Windows machine, in configuration page, I got the following warning.

Database Error Causing 500 Server Error

Please help,

I was attempting to remove some cache entries and seem to have made a big mistake. I edited some database fields trying to correct an error pointing to the wrong address for bootstrap javascript file.

I am now getting a 500 error and cannot work out how to fix it and I am hoping someone has seen this or knows how to fix it please?

All signs seem to point to an issue with the 'locale' module and the system expecting a result as an array.

The following error is found at /update.php:


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