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Installing Drupal
Installing Modules and Themes

Errors when installing Plate theme


I am creating a Drupal site for my restaurant and I have Drupal 7.38 installed. I also installed the Restaurant module and enabled all of the Restaurant modules except Restaurant Reservations.

I then downloaded the Plate theme, installed and enabled it, and set it to default. However when I go to my site there are a bunch of errors and I'm not sure where to start in order to get this working.

Here is the list of errors:

Setting up for an existing site

Hi, I just started a job and was handed information for a website (not specifically part of my job but they asked if I could help get it going). I can log into an interface called cPanel that lets me manage files and stuff on my site. When I look at index.php it mentions Drupal, so now I'm trying to set it up. So going forward from here, what do I need to do to set up Drupal so I can manage the existing pages and create new pages?

The language switcher will appear only after configuring language detection.

On the Structure, Blocks page, I keep getting the Message: “The language switcher will appear only after configuring language detection. You need to enable at least one method that alters URLs like URL or Session.”

I have setup two languages, and also I have setup “language detection”. I use URL and session as language detection methods. (I even tried to enable al language detection methods, but still get the message about configuring language detection).

Drupal with IIs and Windows

I have an Amazon AWS Server with Windows Server 2008 running IIS.
I have installed Drupal and cannot connect to the SQL Server 2008.

The SQL Server is properly installed and using the default port.
It is set up with Windows and Server Authentication.

I have even set up a further admin to attempt to connect from Drupal.

All the usual has been done - created the database, checked the permissions etc. and restared SQL Server on several occassions.


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