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unable to select "migrate ui" module

Trying to migrate from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 and as per the instructions I need to have the "migrate ui" module enabled, but I just simply can not enable it. I can not tick that option. Please advise.


htaccess file unable to open stream DrupalPublicStreamWrapper

Error message:

Warning: file_put_contents(public:///.htaccess): failed to open stream: "DrupalPublicStreamWrapper::stream_open" call failed in file_create_htaccess() (line 496 of /var/www/html/collab/docroot/includes/file.inc).

My drupal installtion went well but i cant access my sites/default/files/field/image resources. And maybe some other files.

Call to a member function getPath() on null in /core/modules/config_translation/src/ConfigNamesMapper.php on line 233

When I turn on the module config_translation, I get an error:
Fatal error: Call to a member function getPath() on null in /core/modules/config_translation/src/ConfigNamesMapper.php on line 233

What can this be related to?

Error: failed to open dir: Permission denied in RecursiveDirectoryIterator

RecursiveDirectoryIterator->__construct('/home/admin/web/123.com/public_html', 12816) (Line: 421)
Drupal\Core\Extension\ExtensionDiscovery->scanDirectory('', ) (Line: 205)
Drupal\Core\Extension\ExtensionDiscovery->scan('module') (Line: 170)
Drupal\Core\Config\InstallStorage->getAllFolders() (Line: 95)
Drupal\Core\Config\InstallStorage->exists('core.extension') (Line: 103)
Drupal\Core\Config\FileStorage->read('core.extension') (Line: 130)
Drupal\Core\Config\FileStorage->readMultiple(Array) (Line: 165)

Stuck at "Verify requirement" - localhost didn’t send any data.


I am new to Drupal, so I apologize in advance if my question is silly and would appreciate any of your advice in this.


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