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All synthetic supplements inactive

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error when extract commerce kickstart

try to unzip commerce kickstart but encounter this:

omega_12_threecol_4_4_4_...' is password protected

How to Enable OPCache in Xampp

In Drupal 8, it will be better if we can enable OPCache.

How to enable OPCache in my localhost ?

I am using xampp v3.2.1 & windows 7.

Thank you.

No CSS loading on fresh install of Drupal 8.0.0


I am afraid my issue is quite a noob one, but I would still appreciate any help or if you could give me hints how to make this work. I have searched for mention of similar problems on Google and on Drupal.org, but have not been able to find any. I am using AMPPS for creating a test environment on Windows. AMPPS itself runs perfectly fine, just the Drupal module does not. Since AMPPS does not offer any support, I am turning to you.

My Drupal 8.0.0 does not load any CSS files, no matter what I try.

AJAX problem when tried to install Drupal 8

Hi, people,

I need your help. Tried to install Drupal 8, and had the following error:
An AJAX HTTP request terminated abnormally.
Debugging information follows.
Path: /core/install.php?langcode=en&profile=standard&continue=1&id=1&op=do_nojs&op=do
StatusText: error
ReadyState: 0

Now, I am not even able to access the localhost or try to dump the database (if it helps).

Got any idea?




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