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how to Installing Drupal 7.x, Mysql 5.6 on IIS and Windows 2012 server?

I got hired by a company which plans to create their site in drupal. They have Windows 2012 server with IIS, I found out Mysql 5.6 and php 5.4 goes with it. Question is, should i install the non-thread safe version or thread safe version of php? i dont know what is this and the 2nd question is, what is this PDO for? do i have to install and enable it in the webserver or in the database server. Somebody please help me out.

Lot of trouble installing Drupal as limited user in Windows

Hello all,

I had to install Drupal as a limited user in Windows and this is giving me lot of trouble.

I chose XAMPP for Apache/MySQL/PHP... and bitnami Drupal Module for Drupal 7.

Can I use just a little Drupal?

Can I use Drupal in a corner of the site somewhere, without putting it up front in index.cgi?

Drupal 8 latest dev - connection timeout

I am trying to install drupal 8 latest dev on local windows ( XAMPP, PHP 5.4.7). Installation failed after database configuration page with connection timeout / connection reset error.

I tried several time after removing database and settings.php still get the same error.

Thank you.

Access denied after installation - Solved

Hi folks,

I've completed installation without error messages, but when I visit the site and attempt to log in, I can't, and I don't receive e-mails sent to rest the password.

Here are the details:

Using XAMPP 5.6.3 under Windows 7. Installing Drupal 7.36.


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