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#D7CX: I pledge that Wikitools will have a full Drupal 7 release on the day that Drupal 7 is released.

The wikitools module provides some settings to get a more wiki-like behavior. It aims to be lightweight; all features are optional, and it provides no database tables of its own. If you have ideas about cool new features for this module, please post an issue. All new features go into the 6.x branch; I encourage others to present patches with backports. Some of the features of this module are:

  • Node Creation: Let users create new nodes when they type in a node name which does not exist.
  • Node Search: Let users search for nodes when they type in a node name which does not exist.
  • Automatic Redirect: If a title of a moved page is entered, redirect automatically.
  • Unique Titles: Enforce that titles are unique over all wiki node types
  • Move Protection: Disallow change of node titles for users without administer nodes permission.
  • Underscore as Space: Treat underscores as spaces when doing a node-lookup by title.
  • Dash as Space: Treat dashes as spaces when doing a node-lookup by title.
  • Custom wiki 404 pages: pick and choose from links to create, links to search, and an inline node add form.

The module can be used in conjunction with the flexifilter module (of course), the freelinking module by hijacking freelinking links, or together with the pearwiki filter module for various wiki formats.

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  • Last modified: 2 December 2014
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