Wget Static Module integrates wget application installed on server with drupal. The module provides you option to generate static HTML of node page, any drupal internal path or whole website using wget application from drupal itself and then that static HTML can either be downloaded or can be saved to remote FTP/Webdav location.

Wget Static Module provides you handful of options for generation of static HTML as provided by default wget application also.

New Feature (7.x-2.x): Save Static html to Webdav Server (With Two factor Authentication

Wget Static Module has been extended to support Webdav Server Upload too. The module Supports HTTP/HTTPS Webdav server besides upload using SSL Certificate (Two Factor Authentication).



Wget Static Module Requires :
* Shell Execution Access for Drupal.
* Wget Application installed on server.
* Commandline access to that wget application.

Without these wget static module is of no use.

IMPORTANT: To use Wget Static Module, understand the module and wget firstly.

Click here for live demo
Use demo/demo for login.



Wget Static Module comprises of 3 operations in sequential manner.

1- Content Selection :
Wget Static Module provides 3 options for content to be selected for Static HTML generation

Each of these options are accessible by three different respective urls:

  a) NODE - wget_static/node
  b) PATH - wget_static/path
  c) WEBSITE - wget_static/website

Basically accessing these URLS would take you to wget static form from where user can generate static HTML & then either save to FTP location or download.

Also users can provide default values alongwith urls using query parameters:

For node: wget_static/node?nid=3
For path: wget_static/path?url=<front>, wget_static/path?url=node/3

Passing the query parameters along with URL directly brings you to the download/save options.

2- Wget Options :
Wget Application provides many options on how to run the query and so the Wget Static Module. As of now the module has following configurable options:
a) Directories Options
b) HTTP/HTTPS Options
c) Recursive Retrieval Options
d) Accept/Reject Options

These options make wget static module very useful and flexible. Wget options are configured by default. Example: Recursive Retrieval is ON.

IMPORTANT: Wget options which are not included in module are accessible directly if "Use wget command options directly" permissions are granted to user. But this permission has security implications. So give it to trusted roles only.

Read about Wget options at: https://www.gnu.org/software/wget/manual/wget.html

3- Save/Download Generated Static HTML
Wget Static Module provides you three options :
a) Download Zip File
b) Save files to FTP Server either decompressed or as compressed file.
c) Save files to Webdav Server either decompressed or as compressed file.
(Supports Two Factor Authentication).



Configuration page of Wget Static Module contains basic settings only. Most Important being "Wget URL on the server", which appears if Wget static module is not able to find out wget application on server.

All the Wget Options are provided with the form only.



Wget Debug Mode:
When enabled, wget will write logs to dblog each time it operates at backend. It basically logs the command generated and output of the command operated. Used for developer purpose only.

Wget Log file:
Each time wget operates, it writes output to wget.log file in the temporary directory as used by Drupal. This log file contains last run time logs only.



* Static Generator : https://www.drupal.org/project/static
* Save to FTP : https://www.drupal.org/project/savetoftp

Q: How Wget Static is Different?
A: Wget static module has completely different architecture as it uses Wget Command for static html generation and also provides option to either download the generated HTML or upload it to Remote FTP/Webdav server.


Current maintainers:

* Purushotam Rai (https://drupal.org/user/3193859)
* Gaurav Garg (https://www.drupal.org/u/gg24)

This project has been sponsored by:
* QED42
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