Save to FTP example

The Save to FTP module allows for saving a node as a .html file on a FTP Server.

After a node has been saved, and a path is given, if the user has been given the "Save to FTP" permission a form is added on the node edit page which is activated by selecting the "Publish to FTP" button.

How SaveToFTP compares to other Contributed Modules

SaveToFTP has one main purpose, export nodes as .html files to a FTP Server. In my use case, the FTP Server is also a web server, so I use this module to export static .html to a web server that doesn't have PHP on it. This way I have a static version of the site without the overhead of PHP/Drupal, but can still use Drupal for the content management.

[Server with Drupal] ----> [FTP/Web Server]

Please see the Import / Export wiki page for a full comparison of import/export modules similar to this one.

7.x-1.x release

This is the initial release of the 7.x. branch. It has been used on a clean install of Drupal 7 and found to work.

To Dos: Add tests and features
Seeking sponsorship to create a Save to S3 option

6.x-2.x releases

The module automatically handles all html, css, and js.

5.x releases

5.x is deprecated. If you still want a 5.x. release you can find it here:

Dependencies: Drupal's core 'path' module must be turned on.
QueryPath must be enabled in order to get the necessary files out of the node

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