Allows adding to/editing terms of/removing terms from vocabularies per role.

You have set up some vocabularies (with some terms) like Color (Red, Green, Blue) and Shape (Toroid, Cube, Sphere). Maybe you even have a vocabulary that controls who can view a specific node (with terms) like Access control (Editors, Colleagues, World). Here comes trouble: your precious editors want to add more Colors, or reorder the terms of the Shape vocabulary (probably they want to see Sphere before Cube, who knows,) and you do NOT want to grant your editors the administer taxonomy permission, as it grants too much power (and that implies too much sharing of responsibility). Without this permission they were NOT able to do the mentioned tricks: adding terms to a vocabulary but not to another, reordering/editing terms of a vocabulary but not another's, etc.

These problem of yours is the past--just download and install vppr.module, and set it up at Administration >> Site configuration >> Vocabulary permissions.


You only need to enable the Taxonomy module, which is included in core Drupal, and have some vocabularies created before setting up this module.


Paid support and module development is from KYbest.

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