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Drupal 7

The VoIP Extension module provides an extension field and associated scripts for VoIP Drupal.

There is an accompanying Feature that provides the basic field settings also used by VoIP Node, and forthcoming VoIP User, features.

Drupal 6

The VoIP Extension module provides a basic API that enables Drupal modules to assign phone extension numbers to nodes, users, views, and other elements of the system.

Extension management is done via a hook_menu() like interface. For additional information, please check the README.txt file.

The following modules are good examples of the VoIP Extension API in use:

* VoIP Node, which provides VoIP extensions to CCK content types

* VoIP User, which provides VoIP extensions to Drupal users

This module has been originally designed and implemented by the MIT Center for Civic Media ( as part of the VoIP Drupal ( initiative.

Supporting organizations: 
Conceived, designed and implemented the module

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