Voice Commander

Voice commander 2.0 has been released!

2.0 is a complete refactor of the codebase to allow flexibility and integration with other modules. Check these youtube videos for demonstrations of it in action!

The Voice Commander module automatically makes voice commands for navigating the entire menu system of your Drupal site, using Web Speech API. You can choose which menu to work, than just press Ctrl+Alt and start speak. Also, you can turn on voice commands on mobile device. Features include:


  • Navigate your site without using your mouse
  • Pop-up launcher - hit Ctrl+Alt to open
  • Use voice commands on mobile devices
  • Select your own list of commands from custom menus
  • Run better on https://

Module Comparision

  • No analogues on drupal.org
  • Voice navigation gaining popularity
  • Easy navigation on mobile: no need to tap on small details of menu

Chrome's implementation of SpeechRecognition behaves differently based on the protocol used:

  • https:// Asks for permission once and remembers the choice.
  • http:// Asks for permission repeatedly on every page load. Results are also returned significantly slower in HTTP.

voice commander

See list of support browsers here


Voice Commander requires the libraries module.

Installation and first using

  • Simply download and enable Voice Commander and dependent module if necessary
  • Run drush vc or manual install annyang to your libraries folder (e.g. /sites/default/libraries). Check drupal status reports in any concern
  • Go to /admin/config/user-interface/voice-commander and configured VC
  • Hold Ctrl+Alt key for starting recognition on desktop. Hold left bottom corner on mobile device for run voice commands. Enjoy it!

Default commands:

Use it only for administrator permission

  • Cache clear: 'drupal cache'
  • Management menu: '[Administrator command prefix] [Management menu item]', where [Administrator command prefix] is an option that set at /admin/config/user-interface/voice-commander and [Management menu item] is an any menu name link from management menu /admin/structure/menu/manage/management

Use it for all permissions or for permissions that uses the selected menu(s)

  • Selected menu(s): '[menu item]', where [menu item] is menu name link from management menu from selected menu(s)
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