This module provides an easy way to import previously exported Views definitions.


  1. Create 'sites/all/imports/views' folder.
  2. Install the module.
  3. Export a View you wish to import with following drush command: drush vie view_name
  4. Or export all Views with: drush vie --all


7.x-1.2 version supports Drush.

Upgrade instructions 6.x-1.0 to 6.x-1.1

  1. Move all your views' files to 'sites/all/imports/views' folder.
  2. Add '.inc' extension to each view file.
  3. Add '<?php' line to the top of the files.

The idea is that you could have a collection of commonly used views in a folder. Then, when you start a project, copy the required views definitions into this module and install. This will add all the views in one go, saving you from using the Views import form provided by views.module.

If you are happy with using the import form provided by views.module then you don't need this module. This is very small module that just makes it easier to install views from previously saved text files.

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