This module provides an easy way to import previously exported Panels definitions from corresponding subfolders.



  1. Create 'sites/all/imports' folder.
  2. Create all necessary subfolders for panels:
    • sites/all/imports/page_manager/handlers
    • sites/all/imports/page_manager/pages
    • sites/all/imports/page_manager/pm_existing_page
    • sites/all/imports/panels/mini
    • sites/all/imports/ctools/ctools_contents
  3. Export the panels you wish to import and paste the export code into separate text files with .inc' extension.
  4. Do not forget to add '<?php' line to the top of the files.
  5. Move files to corresponding subfolders.
  6. Install this module.

Main idea

The idea is that you could have a collection of commonly used panels in a folder. Then, when you start a project, copy the required panels definitions into this module and install. This will add all the panels in one go, saving you from using the Panels import form.

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If you've found the module particularly useful and want to say thank you, there's a wide range of stuff I'd welcome on my wish list (UK) (US).


Developed by Dmitry Demenchuk (mrded) for WikiJob.

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