Module provides administrative page with detailed information about each display use cases and its status for each enabled view. It helps you to detect unused and broken displays to modify them or completely remove from your site. Instead of searching through multiple administrative pages for each display now administrator have all information on a single page.

After installation go to admin/build/views/maintenance to view analysis results. It is available as local task (tab) on views list and views edit forms.

It is not recommended to install this module to high-load production sites, because it could use a lot of CPU and memory resources (depends on number of enabled views). Use it on development sites instead.

Requirements and dependencies

Supported display use cases

  • Menu items with path provided by display.
  • Blocks provided by display (including exposed filter forms).
  • Paths provided by display (marked as "probably unused"). Also, multiple displays providing the same path marked as "broken".
  • Displays attached to another displays, e.g. feeds attached to pages.
  • Content panes in Mini Panels, Panels in Pages and Panel Nodes.
  • Contexts in Pages and Mini Panels.
  • Broken display, style, row plugins, broken handlers reported by Views system.


Module provides API for other modules to report about display use cases. See views_maintenance.api.php file in module's folder for details. If you've implemented Views Maintenance support in your module, please let us know (create an issue) and we'll add it to list of supported use cases.


  • Provide list of menu items which use path provided by display.
  • Promote integration with Views Maintenance to other modules.


Developed for WikiJob.

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