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This module allows the user to make an XML feed for the Google Search Appliance (GSA) to be able to index. This module is solely for an external Google Search Appliance as it does not attempt to connect to the appliance itself.


Since Views GSA Feed is a Views plugin simple configuration allows the feed to:

  • Set a datasource
  • Include any fields
  • Filter the feed
  • Paginate the feed
  • Preview the feed
  • Ensure tags meet XML requirements


Drupal 7.x


  1. Install and enable the Views module.
  2. Install and enable the Views GSA Feed module.
  3. Installation is complete! View documentation (below) to use.


How to use Views GSA Feed

Google Search Appliance

Known Problems & Functionality Not Yet Implemented

  • Does not support GSA content feeds.
  • Does not support incremental GSA feeds.
  • Does not include deletes in the GSA feed.

Similar Projects

Google Search Appliance - this module integrates the GSA with Drupal for use within Drupal itself. If you are not using an external application to handle browsing and searching then the Google Search Appliance module is the module you are looking for!

Views Data Export - this module is another Views plugin which allows for the creation of other feeds, and files within the Views framework. If you aren't looking for a GSA specific feed, and just want something like a XML file or CSV then Views Data Export is what you are looking for.

Use Case Scenario

Views GSA Feed would be used when an external application is handling searching and browsing functionality using the Google Search Appliance. This is the exact scenario this module was designed for.


eriknewby some of the original work on this module

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