The Google Search Appliance module integreates a GSA device with a Drupal site. Utilizing a GSA gives you cross-domain search functionality, which can be aggregated into a single search experience on a drupal site.

Drupal 7.x

At the moment the 7.x version amounts to a stripped-down implementation of the 6.x version. We have basic functionality that will at least get your GSA integrated with your drupal 7 site with a single frontend + collection combination that you can easily theme.


  • simple keyword search
  • single frontend + collection combo
  • block search form
  • related searches block
  • Google On/Off support for blocks.
  • Synonyms/Related Queries
  • MIME Type iconing
  • date/relevancy sorting
  • standard drupal pager
  • keymatches
  • indentation suggestion respect
  • query inspector (troubleshooting queries without the Devel module)
  • basic search interface configuration
  • super-easy theming

One caveat to using this module is that we are consuming the XML results directly from the device, so if you are using the GSA's advanced search reporting, you will not get user-click information from drupal search results pages. This might be a good project for the eager contributor to look into, along with bringing the 7.x feature set up to speed with the 6.x feature set.


  1. Ensure you have the PHP cURL library installed
  2. Enable the module
  3. Configure settings
  4. Optionally enable/configure blocks: (a) search form, (b) related searches


If you are using the block search form, search from any page that the block appears on. If you are not using the block search form, go to There you will find a search form and results will be served there.

Note that we do not implement hook_search, thus there is no dependence on core search templates for results theming in this version; provide theme overrides in the normal way implement custom display. Also, there are simpletests in the testing directory for automating testing in your local environment; an additional settings include file is required to automate search testing. See the README for more information.

Integration Guide for 7.x

For a quick rundown on common use cases and best practices for implementing a more complete end-to-end solution by extension of this module, check out the Integrating Google Search Appliance with Drupal howto by Eric Peterson.

Drupal 8.x

As Google have announced that GSA will be EOL in 2018, this is a minimal port.


  • Settings form
  • Search page/form
  • Synonyms
  • Pager
  • Sorting
  • Search block

Not yet ported

For remaining tasks see The open issue list

Note that given the pending EOL of GSA, there are no immediate plans to work on these features, however patches are accepted.

  • Onebox results output
  • keymatch output
  • Spelling suggestion output
  • Click/JS/Posting click stats
  • Clustering
  • Language filtering


Brainsum for the original port.
University of Technology, Sydney for sponsoring the D8 port by PreviousNext.

Supporting organizations: 
Initial D8 port
Work on D8 port
Sponsorship of D8 port

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