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VideoField provides an video upload field for CCK. VideoField is a CCK-based alternative to the legacy media projects available in Drupal modules including Video etc.

Idea behind this module is to have a simple field for uploading video content, something similiar to imagefield for images

Video Types

  • mov, mp4, 3gp, 3g2, mpg, mpeg (handled by Quicktime Player)
  • divx (handled by Divx Player)
  • rm (handled by Real Player)
  • flv (handled by FlowPlayer Module)
  • swf (handled by Adobe Flash Player)
  • dir, dcr (handled by Adobe Shockwave Player)
  • wmv, asf, avi (handled by Windows Media Player)
  • ogg theora (handled by Cortado Java Applet)



1. Copy videofield folder to your sites/all/modules directory. Make sure you have installed CCK and FileField modules.
2. Enable Videofield modules in admin/build/modules.
3. Choose any Content type and go to Edit -> Manage fields.
4. Add new field, select filefield as fieldtype and Video Upload as widget.
5. Save.
6. Create new content and upload your video.


Tamer Zoubi
Heshan Wanigasooriya

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