URL Embed allows URLs to be embedded within a text area using a WYSIWYG editor or stored and rendered via link fields.


URL Embed employs the Embed library to handle retrieving and displaying URLs. Embed supports the following providers out of the box:



  • Editor and Filter or Link modules included with Drupal core.
  • Embed


  • URL Embed can be installed via the standard Drupal installation process.
  • Enable the url-embed filter Display embedded URLs for the desired text formats from the Text Formats configuration page.
  • If the Limit allowed HTML tags filter is enabled, add <drupal-url data-*> to the Allowed HTML tags.
  • To enable the WYSIWYG plugin, move the url-embed multimedia button into the Active toolbar for the desired text formats.
  • Optionally enable the Align images filter to allow positioning of embedded URLs.

By default, URL Embed includes a single button for embedding URLs. Additional buttons can be added from the configuration page.


Development of the 8.x branch of URL Embed is taking place on GitHub.


  • The current architecture is being discussed on hackpad.

Related Modules

  • Entity Embed: allows any entity to be embedded within a text area using a WYSIWYG editor.
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