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A module which integrates with User Relationships module to provide a birthday notification block for your related users. You can choose which relationship types generate birthday notifications and can designate the CCK field which holds the profile birthday information.

Currently, this uses content profile and CCK datefields for birthday information. There is no core profile integration.

Theme The Block Content

The project is new and right now gives really basic output. You can easily override the output of the block display with a theme function. The base theme just outputs a themed username as a link and looks like this:

 * Returns HTML for a birthday list.
 * @param $friends
 *   An associative array of users whose birthdays match $date, keyed by uid.
 *   Each value is array containing:
 *   - 'username': The user's themed username.
 *   - 'birthdate': The user's birthdate as a UNIX timestamp.
 * @param $date
 *   A UNIX timestamp representing the day for which we're listing birthdays.
 * @return
 *   An HTML string representing the user list.
function theme_ur_birthdays_list($friends = array(), $date = NULL) {
  $items = array();
  foreach ($friends as $friend) {
    $items[] = $friend['username'];

  return theme('item_list', $items);

Just copy this to your template.php and rename the function to "MY_THEMENAME_ur_birthdays_list" and make any changes you need to the $items[] output.

Someday I'll add some better default theming.

Development by Muriqui and Mustardseed Media Inc.

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