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Uploadpath Admin Settings


After operating for some time, a website may build up thousands of files in inside the files folder.
This uploadpath module allows you to keep the files in the files folder neatly organized in subfolders. It can also allow you to automatically rename uploaded files based on file description or node title.

How it works

Uploadpath allows the use of tokens (provided by the token module) to specify patterns of subfolders for uploaded file storage and hence depends on the token module.
Tokens are small snippets of text in square brackets such as [nid] for node id.
They are evaluated and replaced with their actual value at runtime, e.g [nid] becomes the current node nid or [yyyy] becomes the current year.
For example, to store files in subfolders organized by type, year and month, the pattern would be:
The available tokens are listed on the uploadpath admin settings page.
Uploadpath uses hook_nodeapi to intercept new files uploaded by the core upload module
It then assigns them a new destination path inside the files folder based on the translated token pattern setting.


  • specify a global default subfolder pattern to use for all node types.
  • specify patterns for each node type
  • specify node types to exclude from uploadpath processing.
  • Apply semantic renaming to uploaded files actual filename based on file description or node title (optional)

This module was originally developed by Crell and

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