This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This module provides extra functionality to Ubercart and UC Node Checkout.

Basically, it controls the status (published/unpublished) of
uc_node_checkout node types when the order's status changes.

  • Order completed => node published
  • Order not completed => node unpublished

It also updates the order status when the node's status is manually

  • Node unpublished => order moderated
  • Node published => order completed
  • Node deleted => order cancelled

The module doesn't have any settings page; the only way to use it is changing the status of a order, or the publishing status of the content type associated from UC Node Checkout to the order.

This module is useful if you want features such as:

  • Paid advertising on your site
  • Paid classifieds/job listings
  • Have people pay to publish their content on your site

Version notes

  • Updating from a different release of the development snapshot is not supported. To install a newer development snapshot, you always need to uninstall the previous version before copying the new one.
  • Development snapshots are intended only for testing. Don't use them in a production site, or for other purposes. If used in a production site, or other purposes, there will be no support for any resulting problems.

Project information