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Ubercart compatible module.

This module allows you to bind a node type to an Ubercart product, as typically required in event registration sites and alike.

Binding a node type to a product has two effects:

  • When a user creates a node of that type, the specified product is added to the shopping cart with a node reference to the newly created node.
  • When a user buys a product with a bound node, an extra step is inserted into the checkout process requiring creation of a node of the bound type.

Options in the module allow you to turn links in the shopping cart into edit links for the node, display a summary of the node details in the shopping cart and on the order screens, and hide CCK fields on the node type from users who don't have the "edit content" permission. This makes the module an ideal candidate for registration site and customizable product sites that contain additional fields only administrators should have access to when processing the orders.

Compatibility issues

This module is currently not compatible with product kits.


Documentation is available at

Mike from Drupal Easy has also posted a helpful walkthrough based on the Advanced Ubercart Usage session presented by Ryan at Drupalcon DC (video available at that link).


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