Text Review is a bundle of modules that allows you to review texts in a variety of ways and display the results within the text.

Text sources

Review methods

  • Difference percentage
  • Differences
  • Manually configured blacklists and whitelists
  • Similarity percentage
  • Spell check
  • Word count

Possible use cases

  • View differences between content (node) and comment revisions, much like Diff.module.
  • Check if a module's UI texts are written in correct US English and according to the guidelines.


Text sources, review methods and defusers (methods to ignore certain pieces of texts) can be added and overridden by other modules. See trevi.api.php. The central module acts as a hub for different review methods and text sources. This means that if you add a text source, it can be reviewed with all available methods directly.

Supporting organizations: 
Supports the project and issues.

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