High-performance replacement for the standard Drupal tracker. There's no change in functionality or new features, but the architecture is absurdly fast. Displaying the tracker scales at a roughly logarithmic pace with the number of nodes. Saving nodes and comments takes a bit longer, but this impact is highly optimized. Use MySQL with InnoDB or PostgreSQL for best results; row-level locks are essential for the best performance. Tracker 2 (as of version 1.13) now has experimental PostgreSQL support.

This module can coexist with the core Tracker, but you will see what appear to be duplicate menu items and tabs. If the core Tracker is disabled, Tracker 2 will take over the standard /tracker and user/%/track URLs.

Tracker 2 powers the Drupal 6 Drupal.org tracker pages.

This module will not be ported to Drupal 7 because the improvements here were incorporated into Drupal 7's core. See #105639: Tracker performance improvements for more details.

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