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Ticket is a module that provides ticketing and registration for events (and more abstractly, entities). Events may have multiple ticket types, each with a unique set of requirements and registration fields.

Drupal 8 Port

We're actively porting ticket for COD in Drupal8. You can follow and participate in our progress here:

As we get closer to having an MVP, code will get synced back to drupalorg. Long term maintenance will be in the issue queues.


Configuration Overview

  1. Enable the Ticket module.
  2. Add a Ticket type field to the content type where you will be providing tickets. Note that the Ticket type field can be added to any fieldable entity. This will typically be an event node content type, but your use case may differ.
  3. Create a new content, filling in the information for the ticket type.
  4. Your new content will have a Ticket tab. Click the tab to view information about the Ticket types.
  5. From this tab, you can also manage the fields for your Ticket types. These fields wlll be presented to users when they register for a ticket of the given Ticket type.

Additional Resources

Watch a short video demo/overview of the module.

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