duplicate suggestion tool


When using taxonomy for free tagging purposes, it's easy to end up with several terms having the same meaning. This may be due to spelling errors, or different users simply making up synonymous terms as they go.

You, as an administrator, may then want to correct such errors or unify synonymous terms, thereby pruning the taxonomy to a more manageable set. This module allows you to merge multiple terms into one, while updating all fields referring to those terms to refer to the replacement term instead.


Current 7.x branch possesses the following features:

  • Updating term references in the field values, swapping values from the branch term to the trunk term. We support taxonomy term reference, entity reference, and any other field types that correctly define their foreign keys.
  • Keeping/Removing branch terms: you decide whether to keep or remove branch terms after the merge.
  • Merging field values: you can specify a list of fields and during merge the values of those fields from branch terms will be added to the values of the trunk term. This way you can keep field values of the branch terms after deleting them.
  • Integration with Redirect: you can set up SEO friendly redirects from branch terms to the trunk term so you do not waste your search ranking
  • Integration with Synonyms: during merge you can specify to add branch terms as synonyms into the trunk term. This way you can significantly reduce probability of getting more synonymous terms in the future. Term Merge 7.x-1.4+ requires Synonyms 7.x-1.5+
  • Duplicate merge tool: an extendable through other modules tool that searches for potential duplicates for you. You will only have to review its findings and mark the real duplicates for merging.
  • Term Merge Manager module saves all information about merged terms so next time a previously merged term is created in a vocabulary it will be automatically merged once again into the appropriate destination term.

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