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Backport of the Drupal 8 core 'telephone' module as an future-proof alternative to the Phone module.

Includes the following core patches as well:
#1942902: Placeholder not supported in telephone default widget

Why would you use this module compared to the well-established phone module?

  • It uses the same namespace and schema as the D8 core field module, so when you upgrade your site from D7 to D8, it should "just work" without any fuss.
  • Lightweight on features: there's really no validation at all. For most use cases, you just want the user to enter a phone number and that's it.

Supported modules

  • Elements: if installed and enabled, will use a 'tel' HTML5 input form field for telephone fields.
  • Migrate: provides a field handler to be able to migrate telephone fields.
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