This module intends to become a repository for advanced form elements, that can be used by other developers. Feel free to add your special elements to the issue queue!

Supported elements

Element Module version(s) Included in Drupal core?
HTML5 elements (url, email, search, tel, number, range) 6.x, 7.x 8.x+
HTML5 attributes (placeholder, pattern) 7.x 8.x+
Table Select 5.x, 6.x 7.x+
Image Button 5.x 6.x+
Table element 7.x 8.x

Related modules

  • Backports: This module contains user interface and other backwards-compatible changes proposed for Drupal 8 that are ineligible for backport to Drupal 7 because they would break UI and string freeze.
  • Placeholder: Module allows non-HTML5 compatible browsers to still display placeholders using a jQuery plugin. If you don't need to have placeholders display on non-HTML5 compatible browsers, then you only need to use this module.
  • Field placeholder: Allows you to add and edit placeholder attribute text for certain field types in the field UI.


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