Get yer D8 UI here! This module contains user interface and other backwards-compatible changes proposed for Drupal 8 that are ineligible for backport to Drupal 7 because they would break UI and string freeze.


Currently, the features provided by this module include a streamlined and improved Field UI. For more details, see:
#1222610: Incremental UX improvements to Field UI
#1277270: Remove the separate field settings page


In the future, other changes (not necessarily limited to the Field UI) may be added as appropriate.

Feel free to propose ideas in the issue queue for your favorite Drupal 8 feature to be backported! (But don't necessarily expect it to happen unless you're prepared to write the code for it.)

Related modules

  • Elements: A repository for advanced form elements that can be used by developers, including backports of form elements that were added to Drupal 8 core.

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