This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

As our time is currently very limited, we can't keep up the development. If you are interested in co-maintaining or to take it over completely, contact us (Carsten Müller, kfritsche).

Storm Contrib is an add-on to the Storm project.
It offers extensions and new features to the Storm modules to improve projectmanagement for small and middle companies.

Finally we are in the beta phase! Please help us test all the modules!

Your feedback is most welcome! So please don't hesitate to contact us or create issues.


  • extends the core Storm content types
  • more projectmanagement features like balances, progress, project schedules
  • cost calculations
  • project balances based on project budgets
  • conversion and calculation of different currencies
  • single-page overview of a project's tasks and tickets (project schedule)
  • utilisation of persons (how much each person is working or available)
  • consideration of weekends and national holidays
  • consideration of holidays by individual people
  • Apache Solr Search extension to search just Storm content types
  • ticket dependencies
  • timetracking lists for each person per day
  • timetracking statistics for each person per day and per month
  • timetracking favorites list for each user - easy start and stop of timetracking, without many clicks
  • exports lists as .csv, .xls, .doc
  • option to save filter settings for each user (finished)
  • and much more ...


Storm Contrib is stable now. Please report any issues you found.

If you have improvement suggestions, please write issues.


Storm Contrib is an extension of the Storm project, so Storm ( Version 6.x-2.0 must first be installed before Storm Contrib can be used.

PHP 5 is required because call by references (&) have been removed to avoid warnings in strict error mode (see issue #906820 "Warning: Call-time pass-by-reference has been deprecated in ..."

There are some calculations done by the system using cron because they will last too long if there are many projects, tasks, tickets and people. So cron should be enabled and started regularly, if possible once per hour, depending on your particular Storm use case.


Storm Contrib is developed by a German agency, so date formats and national holidays are available for the German market. But this can be changed in the Storm Contrib settings (provided within the Storm settings). At the moment, only German and Swiss national holidays are available, but it is easy to extend the system to consider any other country. See the storm_holidays module documentation for further information.

We would be grateful for your help with improving multinational holiday support! Please send us lists of your local national holidays and how they can be calculated. We will include them so that they are available for everybody.


  • The 5.x branch will not be supported.
  • The 6.x branch of Storm Contrib is beta and mostly stable. It only works with Storm 2.x. Storm 1.x is not supported!
  • A 7.x branch of Storm Contrib is not planned. If you want to to this, contact us.


The first version of the documentation is published. See
It is just rudimentary documentation of the modules, but it will be improved as soon as possible.

How to help

We are currently testing Storm Contrib. There are still a few bugs and feature requests open.
If you want to help, you can download Storm Contrib, install it in your development environment
(Project Storm is needed), and test it. If you find any bugs or if you see anything that can be improved, just create a new issue.
If you are a developer, please feel welcome to publish patches. Your patches can help make improvements much easier and faster.

Feedback is welcome! So please don't hesitate to contact us or create issues.

Related Modules

Supported contrib modules

  • Charts: The charts module is supported in the Stormperson Utilisation module to display the utilisation of a person as a chart. But it is not needed because the percentage is also displayed as CSS style chart.
  • Homebox: Some Blocks uses Homebox configuration
  • Heartbeat: There is a little implementation for adding Ticket/Task changes to the Heartbeat activity stream


Supporting organizations: 
Sponsoring the development time for creating this whole module package.

Project information