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You know Storm? A great project management suite based on Drupal. If there was a downside it's the fact that it's all good old html and navigation is therefore a bit outdated. This is now history: Storm Dashboard is a very powerful yet simple to use dashboard which needs just one pageload and everything else is done dynamically by using JQuery.

It's all themeable and it does not require any configuration. Just download it, install it and have fun dahsboarding - dynamically!


  • The 6.x-1.x Branch is stable and works great with the Storm 6.x-1.x Branch
  • The 6.x-2.x Branch is in minimaly development and open for new features and is the recommended Branch for Storm 6.x-2.x Branch.
  • A 7.x branch is not planned. Please consider using ERPAL instead.

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Seeking Co-Maintainers

As my time is currently very limited, we are seeking for co-maintainers. If you are interested please contact me.

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