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Storm dashboard

Note: The Storm modules for Drupal 7 and beyond have been renamed to Project Management, and moved to

Storm is a structured system for project management, including:

  • Organizations, Teams, People,
  • Projects, Tasks, Tickets, Timetrackings,
  • Notes, Invoices, and Expenses.

Each part provides permissions to control the sharing of data with other Drupal users, and based on assignment of projects/tasks/tickets to particular users or teams.

All of the above includes support for views and tokens. You can also create and email PDF invoices.

Try out the Storm Project Management module

Which version should I use?

Branch Notes
Drupal 7 Please see
6.x-2.x Main version for Drupal 6.
6.x-1.x Legacy branch. Not Supported.

New development happens in the development releases (-dev), which is then released periodically as a stable version.

How to help:

Storm (like any Drupal module) requires community help to keep development going, keeping the module relevant for your needs:

  1. Get involved on the issues list: Answer issues, weed out duplicates, post bugs...
  2. Test the -dev release: This helps to improve reliability of the stable releases.
  3. Post / review patches: More patches => more, faster and better development!
  4. Volunteer to help maintain Storm: Please contact juliangb to get involved.

You don't need permission to get involved - anyone is welcome, but please do get in touch if you need help.

Ways to get in touch:

Forum Notes
Storm Issues Queue Discussion of specific changes to Storm, including reporting of bugs
Drupal Groups: Storm General discussion of Storm, and coordination of efforts.

Drupal Groups also has a comparison of similar modules that may be useful if you are considering Storm versus other modules.

Add-on modules:

Various modules exist that extend Storm:


Storm is Open Source Software, and many people have contributed time towards Storm over the years:

  • Original author: Roberto Gerola
  • Current active maintainer: juliangb
  • Members of the community such as yourself, who use Storm, test patches, report bugs and ideas, and develop for Storm.

If you use Storm, please consider contributing a few cents towards maintenance and future development.

Project information

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    Maintainers monitor issues, but fast responses are not guaranteed.
  • caution Maintenance fixes only
    Considered feature-complete by its maintainers.
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