This project is part of the Drupal Social Initiative.

The Social API harmonizes social networking services in Drupal, providing an extensible module that allows integration of modules for user login, autoposting, and any task that requires authentication with external providers.

The Social API project is also based on other 3 main components:

Social Auth: implements methods and templates that will be used by login-related modules
Social Post: provides methods to allow autoposting to social network’s accounts
Social Widgets: allows sub-modules to add functionality to add widgets (like buttons, embedded content) to node, blocks, etc.

Updates in 2.x version

Added default support for PHP League OAuth2 library that allows authentication for OAuth 2.0 services such as Facebook, Google, and others. However, other libraries and authentication protocols can still be used.


Join #drupal-socialapi for support requests or if you'd like to contribute!


Social Auth

Social Post

Social Widgets

  • Facebook Widgets Buttons: Allows site builders to add Facebook buttons (like, send, and send) to a block or a specific content type.

Social API Examples

Well-documented examples of projects implementing a social network integration for Social API can be found at:

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