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This module makes it easy for users to share nodes with Facebook and Twitter after you submit them. Setup is quick and painless.

The Purpose

There are generally two types of people that want to share nodes on a Drupal site: "site owners" and "site visitors". Site owners generally want to share content to a 'site' twitter/fb account and they want it to be quick after setup is completed. In cases like this the Twitter and Facebook modules are probably what you want.

If you're targeting the second group of people (site visitors) you have potentially millions of people wanting to share content easily after they create it. You want it to be as quick and easy as possible. Why should these users have to go through the process of authenticating their Facebook/Twitter accounts with your Drupal site? (which is what the other modules require). They just want to share stuff, not link their accounts to the site!

This module serves that need using very simple Twitter @Anywhere and Facebook Dialog links and an integrated post-node-creation workflow to let them share without any previous setup in their Drupal account.


Created by Mustardseed Media

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