No longer maintained, primarily because I've taken a full-time non-Drupal job. Facebook's lawyers asked me to take down the website, because the domain had the f-word in it.

This set of modules turns Drupal into a platform for developing Facebook Applications. This allows you to embed your content and features within facebook, or allow facebook users onto your site via Facebook Connect.

With Drupal for Facebook, you can harness all the power of Drupal in you Facebook App. If you already have content in Drupal, you can expose it on Facebook.

The Drupal for Facebook philosophy is that the functionality already built into Drupal should be used to create Facebook Applications. Where possible, we use Drupal's user management, permission schemes, blocks, views, etc. to implement the Facebook App. Experienced Drupal users will find it very straightforward to build a Facebook App. Facebook developers new to Drupal should spend some time browsing to learn best practices.

Drupal for Facebook contains several sub-modules. Enable just those that you need. For example if you need Social Plugins, enable just fb.module. For Facebook Connect, enable fb_connect.module; Canvas Pages, fb_canvas.module; wall posts and status updates, the fb_stream.module; and so on...

Additional documentation can be found here:

Which release to download?

Has not been upgraded to Drupal 8.

The .dev builds (links below) are the most up-to-date, but not as stable as numbered builds.

The 4.x branch is substantially different from the 3.x branch. 3.x has been around for quite some time, offers quite a few features, and is relatively stable. However, the 3.x build refers to some older APIs, which facebook now supports only for older apps. If you're starting a new application, use 4.x.

4.x offers a number of benefits. It uses the more modern Facebook APIs, and removes dependencies on Facebook PHP and javascript code. However it does not offer all the same features as 3.x (and possibly never will). At the moment there is no clean upgrade path from one to the other.

Use the 4.x branch if you have the ability to submit issues (and patches) and push the development forward. Otherwise choose 3.x.



  • JSON extension for PHP
  • PHP 5.4 or higher (for proper decoding of JSON


  • JSON extension for PHP
  • Facbook's PHP SDK version 3.x (see README.txt)
  • Curl extension for PHP

Important: Check all Drupal for Facebook releases for latest numbered release candidates. ( will not show them in the list below.)

Project information

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