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This module creates a menu bar that is displayed at the top of every page. The menu bar is fixed in place and uses jQuery to position the bar, along with handling menu effects and adding IE compatibility.

Very useful for themes that don't have a good place to put the navigation menu (although it can be used with any menu.)

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SimpleMenu settings

SimpleMenu Documentation & Known Issues

I removed the upgrade information as it shouldn't matter as much now. A copy was kept on the Simplemenu Upgrade Path page.

Related Modules

(if you have a module that you think is related, submit an issue and I will add it here)

Cute Menu — Cute Menu is also a drop down featured menu. It only offers ONE level (i.e. top level and one drop down.) Yet, it offers many DIV and and SPAN that let you ultra theme the look of your menu.

Mini-features modules — gives you some extra features not otherwise found in any module because those are so... mini! This includes a way to rebuild your menus, and soon a few more things as specified in one of the issues here.

Nice menus — gives you a set of drop-down menus in a block for each one of your menus. If you wanted to use Simplemenu that way, I strongly suggest you use Nice menus instead.

Floating Manager Menu — gives you a nice little vertical menu window that you can drag anywhere you want on your page.

Devel — gives you a set of development tools and a menu for quick access to many useful functions. It is related by the fact that it the Devel menu is automatically handled by Simplemenu Devel. Note: It is known to not be compatible with Zend.

ctools — gives you the ability to save CSS files in the private file system. At this time this module is only required if you have a private file system and want to use all the features of the simplemenu (i.e. change the z-index dynamically, etc.)

Known issues

Flickering problem when using two different versions of Suckerfish...
#794782: Nice menu is flickering

Internet Explorer has a harsh limit in the number of CSS files (about 30.) Select Optimize CSS files in the Performance screen to fix the problem.
#802080: IE breaks page with simplmenu


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