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ShoutEm is a web platform that allows you to turn your website into a full-featured mobile app in minutes. Add your existing RSS feeds, YouTube videos, podcasts and more to have all your content available in a single app! Structure your feeds into categories, promote certain categories on your home screen, and build a full featured browsing app for your users. Users will be able to comment, like and share your content to Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare with links that lead back to your website and help build traffic.

ShoutEm API Drupal module allows you to bring your Drupal-based site to the growing population of users who read content from mobile devices like iPhones, iPods, iPads or Android based phones.

ShoutEm API module serves as a connector between your Drupal web site and the mobile application you build on ShoutEm. It exposes a REST API that allows your users to read blog posts from your site and comment them directly from your mobile application.

Customization options allow you, the Drupal site owner, to choose content types that will be exposed through the API.


Just activate the module then go to the the ShoutEm API configuration admin/settings/shoutemapi

Recommended modules

Comment and Taxonomy (Drupal core modules)
Calendar & Event - for making your events available to ShoutEm platform
ImageField & ImageCache - for displaying your images to ShoutEm platform.

Further ShoutEm API integrates with permissions of following modules:
Comment Delete - let the user delete their own comments.
TAC - assign write/read permissions to taxonomy terms.

Before reporting bugs please make sure you are running the latest version. Bugs in the ShoutEm API module can also be reported at

ShoutEm Terms of Use

The ShoutEm API Drupal module is licensed under the same license as Drupal core and is free. However, mobile applications using ShoutEm platform are not free. Check out ShoutEm web site ( for the latest pricing info.

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