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I am looking for co-maintainer(s) with an interest in porting event to Drupal 8. One of the goals should be that it can be independently be used from any other modules besides core. The data structure, namely the use of SQL DATE columns should also be the same.

This is a simple module to keep track of events and show them to users in various calendar displays. It also provides an event API to allow other modules to store and work with date data.

The 4.6 version of this module has been completely rewritten by Aaron Welch.
The 5.2 version of this module has been completely rewritten by Gerhard Killesreiter.

The contrib directory includes basicevent module (obsolete as from 5.2). Enabling this module gives you an event node without having to use flexinode or CCK.

Custom event types can be created using CCK. Any node type can be event-enabled by selecting this option on the content workflow page.

Why is there no stable version of event for Drupal 6?

There is an unfortunate bug in the upgrade path from event 5 to 6. Any help that helps to fix this is greatly appreciated.

Modules related to event include:

  • Event repeat: allows you to create recurring events.
  • RSVP: users can create and manage RSVPs associated with events
  • signup: allows you to signup enable
  • event views: adds views module compatibility
  • Calendar signup comes with event.module D6
  • Date Picker comes with event.module D6

Please take some time to look at the module's settings and read the documentation.

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