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Quiz is a fork of quiz module with big improvements:

- Quiz, question, result, answer are all now entity.
- Configuration, access, field-able result, fieldable answer per quiz, question.
- Support upgrading from quiz.

Things we could not with quiz but they are now very easy:

- DX: Question and Response handler now have interface.
- DX: OOP, full type hints.
- Multiple quiz types.
- Image TrueFalse, Video TrueFalse question types?
- Allow user upload file, record audio using answer form?
- Quiz without node module.

Question types

Question types were moved to separated projects. Grasp the modules you needs:

- (Fill in the blank)
- (in progress)
- (in progress)
- (in progress)
- (long/short answer)

Helper modules

It's strongly recommended to use quizz with helper modules:

- date_popup, date_views (sub modules of date)

Modules you may need

- (in progress)


- Upgrade from quiz, please check out quizz_migrate project
- Support Travis bot.
- Accept PR on Github.
- Support channel on gitter



- Use quizz to create poll/survey
- Quiz builder
- Make quiz embeddable
- Provide new question type: Vanilla
- Provide hinting features for questions
- quizz_question module should be able to work without quizz

Supporting organizations: 
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